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Honda Navigation Update 2014 – What’s Included & Where to Buy

Many new Honda vehicles now come with GPS as standard, which is a great bonus for drivers. However, the maps to tend to go out of date as they are stored on the actual GPS device in the dashboard.  When this happens, drivers need to purchase a new Honda Navigation Update. 2014 updates are nearly … [Read More...]

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GPS News Round-Up for October and November

In what we hope to become a regular series of blog posts, we will be compiling some of the biggest and most interesting GPS-related news items into one article each month.  This


The New Garmin HUD – Works with Smartphone and Android Devices

Garmin has, once again, created a luxury technology which has the newest innovation in terms of portable navigation. This particular technology is called HUD or Head-Up Display.


Two New Forerunner Sports Watches Announced by Garmin

Garmin International, one of the leading companies when it comes to satellite navigation products, has announced a new additional innovative set of running watches - the Forerunner

Garmin Virb

Garmin Release the Virb Action Camera to Compete with GoPro

Cameras are made and used to record important events in person’s life however, not all cameras are suited for all kinds of situations. There are cameras that can be easily used

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