7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your GPS Device

A GPS can be a great companion if you are travelling to an alien place and don’t know the directions for your destination or for knowing your neighborhood even better.However using a GPS device or even your Smart Phone for getting directions can be quite confusing and one may have to instead ask for directions from the passersby even if they have this great gift of technology. Following are some tips on how you can get a better experience from your GPS device.

1. Read Instruction Manual And Use It In A Known Location

Just like any other electronic device, the GPS has a learning curve and features which you must learn before you can actually use it. Either go through the instruction manual properly or you can ask someone who is well versed with the equipment. Also practice using the GPS device in a place which you know like your locality to understand the various symbols and the method to use it.

GPS Devices

2. Have Spare Batteries

A Gps consumes good amount of battery and hence it is better to be prepared with an extra set of battery if you are going out for a long journey. Also make it a point while you buy a GPS device that it has a high standby time.

3. Preload your Maps

When travelling outdoors you don’t usually get the privilege of Wi-Fi internet service which you get at your home. Rather than wasting money on downloading maps on 3G or 4G service, instead download the maps of the places which you intend to go beforehand. This can save you some money and can come handy if there is no signal at the place.

4. Have A Backup Plan

You can always ask any local in case you have lost your way in the city. However if you are on a hiking expedition or in a foreign country where no one understands your language, then it can become quite hard. Carrying physical maps and compass can come handy at these situations in case your GPS equipment ceases to work, the battery gets drained and other such emergencies.

5. Mark Your Locations

Mark important locations on the GPS while in the way so that you can easily locate them. Also many Smart Phones come with Geo tag feature. You can take pictures of certain places and tag them so that you can easily remember the places while in your return journey.

6. Update Firmware Constantly

Update your GPS firmware whenever there is an update. A lot of new features including maps are added in these firmware updates and also minor bugs are fixed for better performance.

7. Make Sure That Your Mobile Phone Is Compatible The GPS Device

Navigating through the screen of a GPS device can sometimes not be smooth and one may want to instead use it with their Smart Phone by connecting through Bluetooth. Some phones however are not compatible with certain GPS devices and hence make sure that the GPS device you buy is.

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