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Acura Navigation DVD Download and HackDrivers of the Acura range of luxury motor vehicles from Honda tend to have the in-built dashboard GPS in the car.  The Acura Navigation System is renowned as being very accurate and offers superb voice activated GPS navigation using turn by turn directions for effective destination routing.  One aspect to the Acura Navigation System that is not so good is the fact that the maps become out of date very quickly.  This is no fault of the system itself, but instead is due to the fact that roads and streets are always changing, or new ones even appearing – so by default, the maps on the Acura’s dashboard GPS can never truly be up to date.

You Need to Update Your Acura Navigation System Once a Year

Because of this the GPS navigation system will need to be updated frequently, and this is all done via an Acura Navigation DVD.  The maps on the Acura system are developed by a company called HERE and they released new map update software once a year which is then loaded via disc straight into the system via the disc tray in the car’s entertainment console.  However, the pricing of the new Acura Navigation DVDs can be quite prohibitive to people on a budget with costs ranging from $99 to $150 US Dollars.

If you drive an Acura and want to get the new Acura Navigation DVD 2012 (click the link for the most competitive and cheapest prices), but don’t want to pay for updates should you attempt to hack the disc?  My opinion is that you should never attempt to do this for a number of reasons which I will outline below.

The Acura Navigation System with New GPS Maps

Hacking the Acura Navigation DVD is Illegal

Firstly it is illegal to try to hack the existing Acura Navigation DVD with new 2012 maps.  Any form of attempting to change, update, or download the software for free means you will be breaking various legal statements and laws.  If you are comfortable with breaking the law though, this might not overly concern you – but perhaps the next point will?

Don’t Download Acura Navigation DVDs from Torrent Websites or Pirates

Many websites are currently offering links for drivers to download a free software version of the 2012 Acura Navigation DVD.  These websites tend to operate outside of US legislation boundaries, for example in places like Russia and the old Soviet Union.  Which is fine, however, these websites are renowned for being nothing more than virus farms.  As an example, one Acura customer recently downloaded a set of zipped archive files that were allegedly meant to contain a patched version of updated GPS maps – replicating the Acura Navigation DVD.  In fact, all these files contained was advanced computer virus files and a complicated Trojan Horse application that ended up hijacking the person’s PC – meaning that they not only wasted time downloading the files, but also ended up with a computer that was rendered useless and had to be completely re-formatted in order to work.

Acura Navigation DVDs Can Be Purchased From HERE 

In addition to that, many torrent and download websites that offer the new Acura Navigation DVD do in fact simply end up compromising the actual Acura Navigation System should you manage to install them into your car.  Because you will never have an actual official HERE serial number, and the software is hacked, there is every chance that you will in fact damage the GPS system in the car and have to take it to an Acura dealer in order to fix any problems.

Navteq Navigation System Updates for Acura

As you can see, it really is not worth the time or bother, because there is a slim to none chance that you will ever get the Acura Navigation System working with new 2012 maps from a hacked version of the latest HERE DVD.  Make sure that you always look to purchase the official versions from HERE if you want to maintain the accuracy, reliability, and security of your Acura Navigation System so it can continue to offer you superb GPS navigation in your car.

Always Buy Official HERE Maps for Your Acura GPS

For official HERE  maps and the latest Acura Navigation DVD make sure you visit the HERE website.   They offer the best deals and cheapest prices on Acura Navigation System updates for 2012 and 2013 and have recently released a new version of the DVD.

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