Aviva Offer New Car Insurance Deal with 15 Weeks Free

If you are a driver based in the UK then you might be interested in this car insurance deal from Aviva.  They are currently offering drivers 15 free weeks of car insurance cover in a special promotion.

Aviva are one of the UK’s leading insurance providers (used to be called Norwich Union) and are currently running some very popular television campaigns starring the English comedy actor, Paul Whitehouse.  They also offer other forms of insurance including life, home, travel, health, personal accident, pet, and business.

In order to qualify all you need to do is take out a car insurance policy with them this year.

There is one small caveat though: you must be a driver who has no less than four year’s no claims on your existing insurance record. If you do qualify for this offer, this is what the Aviva Car Insurance package comes with.

  • Typical prices range from £195 a year
  • You will not lose your no claims discount if hit by an un-insured driver
  • Seven day vehicle loan cover whilst your car is being repaired
  • 24 hour a day service center and support numbers
  • Discount offers on other large brands with their deals scheme

Want More Information on Aviva Car Insurance?

For more information visit the Aviva Car section on their website.  On the website it’s possible to create a new car insurance quote online as well as read all the latest frequently asked questions relating to Aviva car insurance.  If you do need to know more then there are also free phone telephone numbers available for customers who are calling from within the United Kingdom.

Additional Notes: Please note that if you do wish to take part in this new car insurance deal from Aviva then you will need to supply proof of any no claims discounts you have accrued.  During the application process you will need to supply the details of the car and driver that you wish to insure, and any discounts available will be converted to one year’s worth of no claims once you have completed a full year of driving under the new Aviva insurance policy.

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