The Best Offline GPS Apps for Android – Easy Guide

A navigation app is one of the most essential tools on your mobile device. Whether you’re stuck in the middle of the city or have gone astray in the wilderness, thanks to one of these navigation apps in your Android device you’ll never be lost again. It is not uncommon for people to end up in need of a map but without any data coverage on their phone or barely any signal strength. In times like these, you need an app that has the ability to work regardless of whether you have a data connection or not. 

Well thankfully there are plenty of such apps available for Android. These apps let you use their GPS services offline, so if you have a Wi-Fi-only device or simply want to save up on battery by not using battery-draining GPS, take a look at the following list of free offline GPS apps for Android. 


NavFree is one of the best GPS applications available for Android. With NavFree you can store predetermined maps on your device and access them offline at your convenience. It gives both visual and spoken directions. On launching this application you can download maps for different countries as NavFree sources high-quality maps from ‘OpenStreetMap’. While the Google Search option requires you to be connected to the Internet, features like map-viewing and navigating and the point-of-interest catalog can be accessed without a data connection.

Navfree Navigation on Android

Navfree Navigation on Android

Following are the many benefits of this app: 

  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Automatic rerouting
  • Automatic zooming on junctions
  • Day and night mode
  • Multiple route options like, easiest, fastest, most economical
  • Search by address or postal code of destination
  • Automatic fading of music during voice-over
  • Additional pedestrian navigation 

Special features that facilitate the use of the app on a touchscreen device include a wide button display and the ability to perform instant search on tapping any point on a map. 

Google Maps

When it comes to GPS apps and that too for Android devices, any list would be incomplete without the Google Maps app. Google Maps now supports offline maps. Like NavFree, you can download your choice of maps to your Android phone or tablet and view them offline. To start this feature, go to the settings in your Google Maps app and select “Labs”. Here, check the “Pre-cache map area” lab. To download a map tile long-press whatever area of the map you wish to save offline, and tap the name of the location. On the popped up location’s feature screen select “Pre-cache map area”. You will then have 10 miles coverage of the location you selected symbolized by the square shape on the map. You can repeat the procedure as many times as you like. 

Google Maps on Android

Google Maps on Android for GPS Navigation Offline

But unlike Navfree, the Google Maps application lacks certain features: 

  • Since only the map tiles are downloaded to view offline, it is impossible to get actual navigation directions or perform further searches.
  • You cannot store the maps forever as they get automatically removed after 30 days.


This is a free GPS app that simply shows you a map and points out your location. The greatest thing about this simple app is that it doesn’t hog up a lot of storage on your device. This is because you can choose to download smaller areas from this app instead of downloading maps of entire countries. The red cross (X) on the map symbolizes your location. Some points of interest can be seen on zooming in on maps. Like Navfree, MapDroyd also uses data from the open source platform, OpenStreetMap. 

MapDroyd Offline GPS Maps and Navigation

MapDroyd Offline GPS Maps and Navigation

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