GMC Navigation Disc: Free Update 2018 Possible?

The GPS in your vehicle is rendered completely useless unless it has the latest directions and maps installed on it. The new map discs are released annually, and the 2018 version has recently launched. If you want a GMC navigation DVD download, or free map updates then please read on, and also click the link below to … [Read more...]

Cadillac Escalade Navigation DVD Download: Disc Map Update Options

The process of buying official map updates for a Cadillac Escalade GPS navigation system update can be expensive, which is why so many drivers look to download map updates instead of paying. If you would like to get new updates then please click the link below: << Click for Cadillac Escalade Navigation DVD … [Read more...]

Cadillac Navigation DVD Download: Free Disc

Paying for annual map updates doesn’t always work out that cheaply, so it’s no wonder that drivers come to GPS Bites to look for a Cadillac navigation DVD download for free. We regularly search the web looking for the best places to get the latest free map updates, or at least the very best deals on discs and DVDs. … [Read more...]

Jaguar Navigation DVD Download for XF, X Type, & S-Type GPS Map Updates Disc

Drivers of Jaguar cars with the in-built GPS navigation system can get quite frustrated if the maps haven’t been updated in a while. This is due to the GPS maps being run via a disc, either a compact disc CD, or a DVD. If you want to update your maps it can be quite a cost, which is why so many people try and search … [Read more...]

Range Rover Sport Navigation DVD Download for Free Sat Nav Maps

So you want free map updates for your Range Rover Sport? Want to know if it is possible to download new navigation system updates that won’t corrupt your GPS and satellite navigation system or are easy to install for free? Read our guide below, but before you do that please click the link below as this will take you … [Read more...]

Range Rover Navigation DVD Download: Free GPS Map Upgrade

Looking for free GPS map navigation system updates for your Range Rover? At GPS Bites we are the leading website for all things relating to navigation DVD updates, and have links on this page where you can find out more and make sure that you have the most up to date directions possible. To get started simply click the … [Read more...]

VW Navigation Update Download: Free CD, or DVD Map Downloads

If you own a Volkswagen with an in-built GPS navigation system then you might be feeling the frustration of finding that the maps are not as reliable as they once were. The reason being is that the maps themselves are loaded onto the system, typically via a DVD, CD, or SD Card. Having to update the maps can be … [Read more...]

GPS Bites Now Launches in Germany

As part of our commitment to European users we have now launched a page containing information for those living in German language countries.  You can visit that by clicking on our Deutschland section.  Over the coming months we also plan to launch in French, Italian, and Spanish languages so keep your eyes peeled! … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips for Selecting the Best Satellite Navigation Systems

A few years ago, satellite navigation systems (Sat Nav) were limited to high-end cars and airplanes and ships. At best, they were a worthy purchase for those who travel thousands of miles every year. Today, however, satellite navigation systems are a common sight in most cars. They are easily available and do not cost … [Read more...]

Coupon Chili Lists Garmin Discount Codes and Navteq Coupon Codes in 2014

In this week’s blog post we wanted to tell you about a new website that’s recently come to our attention.  The website is called Coupon Chili and has been set up by some friends of ours.  It’s a very easy to use website and is dedicated to coupon and voucher codes.  If you don’t know how this works then the premise is … [Read more...]