Cadillac Navigation Disc 2018: Navigation System Update

As part of the GM group, the latest 2018 Cadillac navigation DVD is now available to purchase online, and GPS Bites has the best deals, lowest prices, and fantastic discounts on any new CDs and discs. To get started simply click on the banner below to see the new deals so you can get a new Cadillac navigation disc with the latest directions available.

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Cadillac Navigation System Update – What’s New for 2018

By choosing to update your maps you can benefit from a truly amazing driving experience, with the new 2018 DVD navigation update coming with all the latest map data including:

  • Thousands of miles worth of new and updated roads
  • The latest POI points of interest addresses
  • Business addresses both new and changed updated
  • Speed restrictions, new signs, and turn restrictions

By updating in 2018 you will improve your navigation system’s routing ability so that you can get to your destination on time and without delays or getting lost. It might be that you want to avoid traffic delays, or take a pit stop at a tourist attraction.

All of this and much more is possible with the new Cadillac GPS update disc.

Cadillac Navigation Update 2018 – Models & Maps Available

We try to keep the GPS Bites website as up to date as possible, and at the time we wrote this page content, the following models where available to drivers who wanted to get a new Cadillac navigation update.

Even if you don’t see your particular model listed in the bullets above, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a new GPS update disc. By clicking through on the banners and links on this page, we will take you through to a model and year selector which is updated all the time, letting you choose the latest Cadillac GPS update for your particular model.

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Cadillac Navigation DVD 2018: How to Install

With so many Cadillacs now coming with built-in GPS navigation, it’s almost a rite of passage to ensure that you have the latest mapping software available each year. The new DVDs and discs are released annually, and once purchased are very simple to use.

Once you have ordered a new Cadillac map update disc via the GPS Bites website, it should arrive in the post within a couple of days. Within the packaging you will have an identification that is unique to you, so make sure that you don’t lose the disc wrapper.

In terms of how it long the process takes, we always advise that you give yourself a couple of hours, although the speed of install can be a lot quicker depending on the model of vehicle that you own.

Cadillac Navigation Disc: The Process of Updating

It’s important to realize, that you must keep the engine running whilst performing and installing the new Cadillac navigation disc. So, it might even be worth getting fuel in your car before you start, as if the system crashes whist installing it can lead to later problems down the line.

How to update the navi system with a new DVD

Once you start your engine, then turn on the GM navigation system on your dashboard.  You will see a button the system that reads “load” so press that to open up the disc slot. Your old DVD might still be in there, so eject that one and then insert your new Cadillac navigation DVD for 2018.

When the disc has properly loaded a new prompt will appear on the screen reading “enter”. By pressing this you can start the install procedure – but before that you will need to type in your identification code which is printed on the CD packaging.

New maps will now start to load. At this point, we need to re-iterate to you that you must never switch off your car’s engine whilst the new navigation system updates are loading. If you do so, it could corrupt the software, meaning an expensive trip to a Cadillac or GM dealer.

Cadillac Map Update: Could Save You Money

The new map navigation system updates will always have a price attached to them, and let’s be honest, that can put some people off purchasing them. But, did you know that by installing new GPS map updates into your system you could actually be saving money in the long run?

As odd as that sounds, there has been some recent research developed independently which shows that drivers with up to date GPS maps drive less miles, and therefore use far less fuel.

By driving fewer miles, you could also reduce the wear and tear on your car, meaning you don’t have to buy new vehicles as often either. It’s a very compelling reason to always buy the latest Cadillac navigation update disc DVD every year we are sure you will agree.

Even more so when you think about the fact of less mileage will equate to less carbon emissions… and in this day and age everybody should be looking to reducing their carbon footprint – so even more reasons to buy the Cadillac navigation disc.

Cadillac GPS Update Download

We also have many drivers coming to us who think that the cost of the new Cadillac DVD navigation disc is expensive. If that sounds like you and you would like to explore download options then please click here.

On this page we talk about why we don’t believe you should download torrent versions of the maps, but if you want to will supply a link to the best price on new GPS navigation system updates for GM Cadillac models.

Promo Codes & Coupons

Very occasionally GPS Bites are privileged enough to receive promotional codes for the Cadillac navigation system update disc. When those are available you can find them on this page here. If there are none available today what we will do instead is offer you a link to the lowest or cheapest price instead.

Travel Tips

And last but not least, here are some tips from GPS Bites on how to get the best from your Cadillac navigation system update once newly installed. By following some of the tips below you can really get the most from your system in 2018.

Firstly, have you ever used waypoints and points of interest? With waypoints and POIs you can customize your route, and place pit stops along the way. You might want to eat at a restaurant half way through that long drive, or check out a tourist attraction. You can do that with waypoints, and create multiple stop locations.

Another popular item that drivers should try is to select routes that reduce freeways and toll roads. Why not take the scenic route or take a different drive to the one that you usually do? It certainly can keep things interesting, and can be cheaper if avoiding toll roads.

And of course, our final recommendation is to get the freshest maps possible. Click below on the link to get a Cadillac GPS update for 2018.

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Our Promise: GPS Bites always link through to the best possible deals and discounts where we can. We partner with the HERE company (formally Navteq) in order to bring you these deals so please bookmark this page for the future as every year you should ensure you have new maps in your in-built dashboard navigation system.