Chrysler 300 Navigation Update – The Latest 2018 GPS Update DVD & Disc

In September of this year, HERE released the all new 2018 Chrysler 300 GPS update. The software comes packaged on a disc or DVD and is relatively easy to install in the 300 models, but there are instructions that come when you purchase online.

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Please be aware that there are limited numbers available and new discs can be purchased on a first come first served basis.

Chrysler 300 GPS Update: The Benefits

The benefits to buying a navigation disc for a Chrysler 300 is that you can be sure of getting accurate directions no matter where you travel in North America and Europe. The new DVD includes any new roads that have appeared, new sub-divisions, as well as up to date addresses for businesses and locations.

The latest Chrysler 300 navigation DVD for 2018 now has expanded coverage too. That means it comes with new installation maps for cities and metropolitan areas throughout the United States and Canada meaning you can drive without the panic of not knowing where you are going.

If any changes have happened on the nation’s road, be rest assured that this latest navigation system update DVD disc will have those loaded on to it ready to install into your car’s GPS device.

Not only that though, but drivers who update will by nature driving less miles so use less CO2 and fuel, plus their car’s emissions are greatly reduced. There has been some amazing research into this fact and by buying a Chrysler 300 navigation update you could be saving hundreds of dollars each year and spending less time in your car.

Chrysler 300 Navigation Disc: What’s Included on the Maps

In terms of what you get on the Chrysler 300c navi update then take a look at the list below to see what’s included on the 2018 DVD:

  • More than 6.5 million miles of roads
  • More than 2.9 million points of interest locations (POIs)
  • Over 520,000+ Restaurants
  • Over 78,000+ Hotels
  • Over 138,000+ ATMs
  • Over 118,000+ Gas Stations
  • And much, much more 

How to Install a Chrysler 300 Navigation Update?

The company that makes the discs, HERE, make the process as simple and as easy as possible for drivers. In most cases the old disc version should be ejected first before you start, and that DVD can be found in the dash tray or under one of the seats.

How to update a 300c navi system

Once you have inserted the new Chrysler 300 navigation disk you will be presented with on-screen instructions of what you need to do – don’t switch the system off whilst doing this though.

If you still don’t have the new update disc then please go and purchase that using the links on this page as we have a relationship with HERE meaning we can always offer you the best deals and lowest prices on the new official software map upgrades.

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More About the Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 was first revealed to the car-buying public in 2003 at the New York Auto Show. Designed by Ralph Gilles is was initially a concept car and wasn’t until late 2004 that it actually hit the market to purchase. This was Chrysler’s first ever rear-wheel drive full size sedan for a couple of decades, and has since proved to be very popular in the North American market.

The majority of models come with the in-built GPS navigation system with maps and software provided by the HERE company, who are one of the world’s leading suppliers of map data for motor vehicles.

The navigation system in the 300 is notoriously tricky to update, which is why we always recommend that you follow the packaged instructions with the latest disc, or alternatively you might find this guide on how to do a Chrysler 300c navigation update very useful. It includes details on where you can get a navigation disc or DVD at the very lowest prices too so well worth a look.