Dodge Navigation Update Disc 2018 – New DVD GPS Map

Last Update January 1st, 2018: Every year there are updates to the nation’s streets, roads, and highways.  For drivers of Dodge vehicles with built-in GPS this means that their directions software can soon become out of date.  That’s why we recommend purchasing and installing the latest Dodge navigation update 2018.  The new disc will update the Uconnect System and help you to be on time, not get lost – and even save money on fuel.  Click the banner below to get the best deal on the Dodge navigation disc and update your Dodge GPS today.

Get the latest Dodge Navigation DVD

Dodge Navigation Disc – What’s Included?

By getting the new Dodge navigation DVD for 2018 you will get the latest software update and maps which also includes business addresses, points of interest upgrades, and any new roads or changes in directions.  This Dodge GPS update is the most up to date that you will find and you will need to buy online should you wish your dashboard navigation to remain current.

Dodge Navigation DVD – Why Buy?

In the last 12 months there have been over half a millions miles of road updated and changed in the United States alone.  It’s not just that though.  Your Dodge uConnect system update and GPS upgrade will also come with the following map updates.

  • 500,000 road updates
  • 13,000 new gas stations
  • 22,000 new restaurants
  • 10,500 new car repair shops
  • 4 million new street names and addresses
  • 50,000 speed limit notifications

In addition to the Dodge GPS updates listed above in the bullet points, you should also consider the fact that drivers with an updated Dodge navigation system will not drive as many miles.  With the new Dodge navigation DVD you can drive secure in the knowledge that you will reduce the amount of detours on route and any unnecessary mileage – leading to less gas and fuel being used!

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Dodge Charger Navigation Update 2018 and More!

If you drive the Charger then please note you can get the latest Dodge navigation disc sent out to you as soon as you buy online using the links on this page.  The Dodge navigation update is compatible with the following models; Avenger, Caliber, Challenger, Charger, Dakota, Dart, Durango, Grand Caravan, Journey, Magnum, Nitro, Viper, and all Dodge models.

Dodge GPS Update 2018 – Navigation Benefits

For a more efficient and comfortable driving experience we recommend that you purchase and install the new Dodge navigation DVD as soon as possible.  Drivers want to save both money and time – and that’s possible with the GPS map updates available on the 2018 disc.

Your Dodge uConnect system update will get your to your final destination both on time, and with gas in the tank to spare.  It’s not just directions though.  As you drive on route, the Dodge navigation system will let you know about nearby points of interest, attractions, shopping, and more.  So no matter where you are, your Dodge navigation disc will tell you.  You will have the local knowledge and advantage over other drivers no matter where you are!  Please note that we also have information on Chrysler navigation coupon codes, and Jeep navigation promo coupons.

So don’t delay and buy the Dodge navigation system update today and get started on your next journey.