Five Affordable GPS & Sat Nav Apps to Consider for Your iPhone

Taking into account the recent boom surrounding the release of the new iPhone 6, are sure to be bombarding Apple’s App Store for all the latest and greatest add-ons for their mobile device.  Amongst the thousands of Apps on Apple’s marketplace are a vast range of SatNav applications. There are, of course, the heavyweight manufacturers that produce navigation systems that can be priced anywhere up to £50 and beyond – quite an expense, it has to be said!  Surely then, there are some cheaper alternatives that can easily get you from A to B without any unnecessary fuss?

Well, this article will seek to look at some of the viable options on the SatNav market and assess whether they are up to scratch to become your ideal mapping system the next time you’re planning a car journey.

Journey Pro Connect – Free

This free App certainly makes some bold claims about its service (I guess you wouldn’t expect any less). Journey Pro Connect claims that it saves time and users can experience travelling “on time”. The App can be used as both a pedestrian and a driver with appropriate routes – assisted by audio guidance – applied in each specific scenario.

This all sounds lovely enough – but there is a catch. The “Car Option” which warns you about speed limits and red lights will cost you £3.99 for the year. There have also been complaints about the design of the App which can appear too populated.

Navmii GPS Live – £2.99

At almost £3, the Navmii GPS Live is the most expensive SatNav App on this list. Branding themselves as the “perfect solution of travelling abroad”, the Navmii is pre-loaded with maps so no data connection is needed – hence the functionality of using this particular App overseas.

Navmii GPS Live

Navmii GPS Live for iPhone

The Navmii also integrates Google and Bing local search engines so that users are given the opportunity to locate a shop, restaurant or hotel and navigate straight there. Another nice feature is the ability to play background music that will fade out intermittently when audio guidance is presented to the user.

Global Navigator Pro – £2.49

The Global Navigator Pro is the number one navigation App in 27 different countries so they must be doing something right. The App features an online and offline mode – however, unlike the Navmii, offline coverage will only work if you pre-download the route you’re planning to take – which can take several minutes.

As you’d expect from a SatNav, there is turn-by-turn audio guidance and on-screen prompts but, apart from that, there isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking here.

NavFree GPS Live – Free

NavFree – which won’t cost you anything as the title suggests – can be powered without the use of a data connection. However, the major drawback of this App is that it is entirely powered by maps created by their database of users. In short, if you’re planning to go somewhere that someone hasn’t travelled to before then you might be in trouble.

Screenshots from Navmii GPS Live

Screenshots from Navmii GPS Live

The Google and Bing integration helps but this is probably one SatNav you should avoid – even if it is free.

GPS Navigation 2 – £1.49

The GPS Navigation 2 provides an online or offline service with no hidden costs. It’s pretty popular too with over 3m users – becoming the best selling navigation App in the UK.

The App has iPod playback and includes patented stationary speed cam warnings across a number of European countries. Narrated with turn-by-turn instructions and upcoming road hazards, the App’s design is also eye on the eye and straight forward to follow.

At £1.49, this application strikes the precise balance between free unreliable SatNavs and excessively expensive ones.

Matthew Wood is a versatile and creative copywriter who is currently developing content for the online retail company LR Parts who are a leading distributor of Land Rover Parts and accessories.

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