Europe’s Galileo GPS System Enters Key Phase of Development

Galileo is currently being developed by the European Union and will be Europe’s very own global navigation satellite system.  Europe’s own GPS system entered a key phase of development this week as the third and fourth satellites were launched into orbit – meaning that tests can now be conducted by GPS manufacturers on how well the system works.  When fully capable there will be twenty seven operational satellites in total making up the Galileo GPS system.

The satellites were launched from French Giuana on a Russian Soyuz rocket without any technical difficulties and mark a key point in the progress made on the Galileo project so far.  Galileo should help to make GPS more robust around the globe and promises real-time positioning down to one metre’s accuracy (and possibly even less).

Europe's Galileo Satellite Navigation Spacecraft

Europe's Galileo Satellite Navigation Spacecraft

When Will Galileo be Operational?

The Galileo GPS system is slated to be fully operational by 2019.  For more information on the Galileo project please visit


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