Garmin Announce New Edge 810 and 510 GPS Cycling Computers

In advance of the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, Garmin have announced some rather cool additions to their cycling GPS range in the form of the new Edges.  The Edge 810 and 510 come with stacks of new functionality designed to give riders the best when on their bikes – and not only that, they’ve also released a very cool film too which stars some of the Team Garmin cycling team including David Millar and Ryder Hesjedal.

Garmin Presents the Edge – New Video with Team Garmin

If you would like to know more about the new Edge cycling GPS products then visit the Garmin website which has a newly dedicated section regarding the Edge 810 and 510 – click here.

The new Edge range now comes with connected features including live tracking, wireless data transfers, plus social media and weather functionality.  Garmin were quoted as saying in their accompanying press release that:

“With these new connected Edge devices, riders can continue to expect robust data, industry leading accuracy and durability that cyclists have come to know from Garmin.  Using the connectivity through smartphones, we will enable cyclists to take advantage of features such as real-time tracking and instant uploads, while keeping their phones safe in their saddle bags and relying on the power of the Edge on their handlebars, to provide accurate data in all conditions.”

Sounds pretty cool – if we get the chance to road test one soon we will post the results up on GPS Bites so make sure that you bookmark us or sign-up to any of our social media networks.

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