Garmin Connect Users Log Over Two Billion Miles of Activity

If you own a Garmin fitness product and don’t use Garmin Connect then you are missing out on one of the most valuable assets to using the Forerunner or Edge series of devices.  Garmin Connect lets you track, train, analyze, and upload your GPS cycling or running data and then share and plan with it using an easy to use web interface.

The GPS Bites team all use Garmin Connect on a weekly basis and so would like to extend our congratulations to the team who run the website – because today they announced that the users of the system have uploaded and logged two billion miles of activities.  Yes, you heard right… two billion miles!

According to Garmin this equates to the following scenarios, just to put the whole thing it a little bit more perspective.

Two billions miles is the equivalent of:

  • 80,000 journeys around the planet Earth
  • 1.3 million gallons of sweat (nice…)
  • 45 million pounds of candy burnt off in calories
  • Over 4,000 trips to the moon and back

Garmin Connect Users Log 2 Billion Miles

Who Did the Magic Number?

In order to celebrate this landmark, the Garmin Connect team is going to give away a Garmin fitness product – which could be a Forerunner GPS sports watch, or an Edge Cycling GPS computer.  The prize is going to be given to the Garmin Connect user that logged the actual 2 billionth mile – will be interesting to see where this happened and how so we are going to keep our eyes on the Garmin Blog to see who ends up winning the product.

To find out more about this very cool achievement you can see the official Garmin Blog post about this record on their Blog – click here for One Billion Garmin Connect miles.

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