Garmin Fenix GPS Watch Review – Outdoor GPS Watch

Are you one of the avid mountaineering types who loves to start off on a lonely trek with just a backpack and a lot of thirst for adventure? You must enjoy the thrill of conquering heights and being out in the wild all by yourself. You must be carrying some essential equipment that no climber worth his salt would ever go out without. You must have access to maps of the area you are in. However, physical maps are too cumbersome and it is rather difficult to pull out the map each time you need to refer. Here is the great new Garmin Fenix GPS watch that has a built-in GPS and a lot more.

Garmin Fenix Review

The latest offering from Garmin has been designed keeping in mind outdoor enthusiasts like mountaineers, trekkers, and hikers. Enabled with some advanced navigation capabilities it is preferred by climbers as it has a built-in altimeter, compass and barometer.

Garmin Fenix GPS Outdoor Watch

Garmin Fenix GPS Outdoor Watch - Comes with Altimeter, Barometer & Compass

You can constantly keep checking the height you have reached and calculate how long it will take to reach the summit. The compass ensures that you will never get lost while on a climb or trek. The barometer, of course will keep you warned about any drastic changes foreseen in the weather and if the atmospheric pressure suits you.

Stay on the Right Track with Garmin Fenix

You can mark your trail as you go along and keep on the right track when you return. If, by any chance you stray from the trail, you are alerted by a beep and a vibration so that you can quickly correct yourself and find the correct direction you should take. You also have a TrackBack feature that helps navigate without any error. The TrackBack records every step you take and guides you on your way back to the base camp or where you started from.

It is easy to manage and edit the digital tracks on your Fenix watch and you can use the Base Camp software that comes with the watch to create new waypoints. The built in altimeter works in tandem with GPS data calibration. You can constantly monitor your elevation levels and learn if the atmosphere you are in is suitable. Every function on the watch is button-operated and the watch itself is sturdy and shock resistant.

Garmin Fenix GPS Watch Review

Garmin Fenix GPS Watch Review - Great for the Outdoors

There is a option to use multiple screens and view different data on each page. There is a choice of over 50 data settings that include time, distance from target, direction and exact altitude etc. Fitness enthusiasts will like Garmin for the additional features they can use while working out. You can monitor your pulse and heart rate and know when exactly to slow down or stop. It is enabled for geocaching or paperless hunting for treasure. Adults and kids alike will enjoy this feature.

Compatible with PC and Smartphones

It is possible to send  waypoints, routes and tracks using Bluetooth to either your PC or smartphone and view anytime you want. The feature Garmin ANT+ allows you to synchronize data with compatible devices like eTrex and Montana. This rugged, waterproof, scratch and shock resistant watch is a must for people who love being out in the wild.

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