The New Garmin HUD – Works with Smartphone and Android Devices

Garmin has, once again, created a luxury technology which has the newest innovation in terms of portable navigation. This particular technology is called HUD or Head-Up Display. This innovative device is made to work with the user’s smartphone navigator and it will provide directions just right on your windshield.

The HUD eliminates the need of holding your current navigation system in place since it offers a steady overlay of directions right in front of your eyes. Even if it is a futuristic kind of technology, Garmin has decided to sell for a reasonable price.

Always Know Which Direction to Take

The usage process of the HUD is simple. It will communicate with a navigation app of your smartphone which is compatible with Garmin wirelessly. It will then display important information such as the right directions to take, your distance to the next turn and ETA or estimate time of arrival. What’s unique about this compared to other navigation systems is that it can display the information through different ways such as showing it on a transparent film, on the attached reflector lens or on a transparent film.

The smartphone will still handle the audio navigation that will tell you which direction to turn. If you need to take a call, the HUD will still continue showing the directions uninterrupted so that you won’t waste any time due to a phone call. Another great feature of HUD is that it has the capability of tracking speed limits and the current car speed of your car. The HUD will notify you whenever you are driving about the speed limit. It will even show you the locations of traffic safety cameras.

HUD does not rely on a default map program hence, it will always give you updates about traffic delays and it can provide you an advice when to change lanes for the next maneuver.

Garmin HUD

The Garmin HUD device on a dashboard.

Anybody Can Use It

 This device is compatible with all kinds of operating systems such as Windows phone, Android and iOS. The power adapter of HUD has a USB port which allows you to charge your phone even while using this device. 

The HUD will be available for a very reasonable price of $129.99 and you should be able to save money on your purchase with a Garmin coupon code. For more info about the release date of this innovative device, just keep posted on their main website

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