Garmin Release New Vector Product At Long Last

After what seems like a very long wait, cycling enthusiasts are in for a treat with the announcement that the Garmin Vector pedal-based cycling power meter has finally been released for sale with some selected specialist retailers. The Garmin vector power meter is designed to help advanced cyclists measure power where it matters – for the un-initiated what this means is that it will track cycling performance and intensity when hooked up to one of the compatible Garmin cycling GPS products.

Garmin Vector

The Garmin Vector power pedals really look the business.

The way it works is something like this: it measures the cyclist’s power output as they push through the pedals.  The data gets calculated to show the power, which then displays on the Garmin Edge product on the handlebars.  Due to the clever design, the Vector will independently measure power on both of the pedals as well as measuring cadence and other various cycling metrics. 

There’s a very nice looking video to accompany the launch which you can see below as we’ve embedded it to make things easier for you. 


It doesn’t come cheap though, and is only really suitable for very serious cyclists.  US prices are in excess of one thousand dollars, but as with most Garmin products you can expect this price to drop over the coming months when it should become cheaper and more affordable. 

Want to Know More?

To find out more about Vector we’ve got a couple of very good links.  Firstly there’s the official Garmin Vector website on  If that doesn’t do the job for you then there’s always the excellent DC Rainmaker who has put together a pre-review of the product which goes into great detail.

Garmin Coupon Codes

Don’t forget, we have various Garmin coupons available elsewhere on the site all of which are listed below – you should be able to use some of them to save money on the Vector product once it becomes available to purchase direct from Garmin.  We’re not sure when that will be yet.

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