Google Maps vs. iOS6 Maps: An Independent Overview

Very recently, Apple released its newest software update for iPhone. Among the various changes made, the most notable one was the replacement of Google maps with Apple’s own maps called the iOS Maps. For a fact, Apple has acquired three mapping services in the past three years. The hype-evoking announcement from Apple had been waiting in the wings for quite some time. The change was fueled as Google, with its Android-friendly software, has become more of a rival than a partner to Apple. The changes have evoked mixed response from users. Let’s review them!

Positive Aspects to Apple Maps vs Google Maps

On a positive note, Apple, in its iOS6 Maps, has intelligently incorporated some interesting features that actually didn’t exist in its older version. For instance, the newly designed maps app features what Apple calls the “Flyby” mode that displays stunningly impressive 3D visuals of buildings. The colors in the Apple-powered maps app glitter a bit more and the panning and zooming capabilities are much faster. Gusto, the talkative friend Siri, is there to tell you how to get around while you are in a new place.

Comparing Google Maps versus Apple Maps

Google Maps on the Left and Apple Maps on the Right

Negative Aspects to Apple Maps vs Google Maps

On a negative note, users say that the new maps are slow, less detailed, and display misleading direction and location data. As one of the users pointed out, a search for a nearby place pulled out an entirely different location. Moreover, there was no readymade information about the public transport facilities in that city. Mr.Fuller, while doing an online search for Heine Brothers, a renowned coffee shop in Louisville, simply substituted the last word with “Bros”. Apple’s map service was unable to locate the shop until the right spellings were entered by him. Even so, the app displayed the wrong street address on a few occasions. In contrast, Google Maps was able to locate the address of the shop even with spelling variations. Apple map apps’ inability to find a business or location until the spellings of the search term are 100% correct is a pain in the neck for users. And not being able to display the right street address only adds to the users’ frustration.

Problems with Apple Maps on iOS6

Some Obvious Problems Have Been Seen on Apple Maps

Apple Users Can Still Use Google Maps if Preferred

Nevertheless Apple has left its users the convenient option of using their preferred mapping services. This means iPhone users will still be able to access Google maps through their web browsers. So, users who choose not to switch to Apple’s latest operating system will still be able to use Google’s mapping services. Will Apple continue to give this convenient option to its users? Well, as of now, there is no word from Apple whether or not it will continue providing the Google mapping service to its users.

Google Update Maps in Response to Apple Maps

What’s the big “G” upto? On the same day Apple released its iOS 6 maps, Google came up with some great updates to its Android mapping services like giving users an extra option to view a list of previously searched locations on his or her device. The Street View service is an amazing feature from Google that includes photographs of over 3000 cities, something that’s been done to enhance the map’s accuracy. What’s more, Google maps also has information of more than one million transit stops from across the globe which also includes real time photos of Tokyo’s subway stations with the exact entry and exit directions.

Google Maps Street View on Android

An Example of Street View with Google Maps on an Android Device

The Future of Apple Maps on iOS6

What’s the road ahead for Apple’s iOS maps like? As of now, over 400 million users are using the iOS6 Map apps. So, if Apple can fix some of its flaws, then it will only be a matter of time before a few more millions start liking iOS6 Maps. As stated by Scott Rafer, chief executive of Lumatic, Apple’s maps will match the functionalities of Google maps in a year or two.

Most of the iPhone users, rather than complaining about what’s missing in the iOS 6 maps, seem to be pleased by the enhanced turn-by-turn navigation and the other features that add to their delight!

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