Green Apps: Driving Applications That Reduce Your Fuel Bill and Cut Emissions

With the price of fuel on the rise again there are a number of phone applications that can save you money. This list has been provided by our friends over at the used car supermarket.


GreenMeter is an iPhone application that reportedly helps drivers save hundreds of dollars a year in fuel expenses. This app figures in your vehicle’s power and evaluates its fuel usage. It displays results in real-time for instant feedback. The program gives you tips on driving habits that will increase your car’s efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, lowering your vehicle’s negative environmental impact.


Released in 2008, greenMeter has been reported to have saved about two million gallons of gas, reduced fuel expenses by over five million dollars, decreased oil consumption by 20,000 barrels, and prevented 47,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

AA Eco Drive

AA Eco Drive is a handy, green application that claims to save you an average of 10 to 20 percent on fuel expenses, reducing your vehicle’s emissions and negative impact on the environment. It monitors your driving style and gives you tips on driving more efficiently to reduce fuel consumption. With this application, you can choose the car type at the beginning of each journey, and at the end of each journey you will be awarded an “eco rating” depending on how economically you have driven.

Simply save your scores and compare them over time in order to improve your efficiency, save money on gas, and become more environmentally sound. This application is also fun to use because it presents you with awards for different accomplishments.


DriveGainThis handy application teaches you proper driving practices that will conserve your gas so you’ll spend less money. For each trip, you will receive a “journey score”, which is a score out of 100 that tells you how efficiently you drove during that trip and it also lets you know your fuel economy in miles per gallon. DriveGain claims to be able to save you around $210 per year on fuel expenses and reduce vehicle emissions significantly.

Primo Spot

Spend less time driving around looking for a parking spot with Primo Spot. Launched in 2007, this application also helps to save you money in parking tickets. It uses Google maps to indicate available parking spots and the parking rules in that area. Simply navigate around the maps and colored map markers will help you find the perfect spot.

This application also offers garage rate comparisons and shows bike rack locations. Less time driving around equals less vehicle emissions and more time to do other, more enjoyable, things.

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