Honda Navigation DVD 2018 & Navigation System Update

Last Update January 1st, 2018: The new Honda Navigation DVD for 2018 is out now.  For the cheapest deals and best prices on a Honda Navigation Update please click the banner below.  By having the latest Honda GPS updates installed you can save money, save on fuel, and be completely up to date with the thousands of miles of new roads and changed routes that have happened over the previous 12 months since the last update disc was released.

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Updating your Honda Navigation System is essential if you want to drive safely, securely, economically, and with the peace of mind that you have the latest maps available on your in-dashboard GPS device.

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Honda Navigation Promotion Code

In the official HERE Navigation store you will see that there is a link that lets you add a Honda Navigation Promo or Coupon Code.  Currently it is not possible to get money off the latest Honda Navigation System update DVD – however, by using the coupon code below you can quality for free shipping which will save you money on the overall shopping cart cost.

Please note: This Honda Navigation Promo code will only work if you click it.  Once you have done that it will automatically be copied, so all you need to then do is paste it into the coupon code box on the website.  It will not work unless clicked as this applies the discount to the official store.

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Get the 2018 Honda GPS Update Now

The 2018 Honda Navigation Update is compatible with the following models of Honda cars and vehicles including all years. You might have out-dated GPS maps in our dashboard then don’t despair because the Honda Navigation Update DVD 2018 will save your day. All you need to do is enter the model of your car from the HERE website and the update will begin shortly. You can get updates for any of the following:

  • Accord Navigation DVD
  • CrossTour Navigation DVD
  • CR-Z Navigation DVD
  • CRV Navigation DVD
  • Civic Navigation DVD
  • Element GPS DVD
  • Fit DVD
  • Insight DVD
  • Odyssey Navigation DVD
  • Pilot Navigation DVD
  • Ridgeline Navigation DVD

Update Your Honda Navteq Maps

Why Buy a Honda Navigation Update GPS Update Disc?

By having buying the new Honda Navigation CD you can install new GPS map updates into your vehicle as soon as the disc arrives in the post.  The latest software version comes with every single road and highway change, addition, and update that will have occurred since you previously installed new map updates.  Not only that though, the Honda Navigation DVD for 2018 also comes with millions of update points of interest files and business addresses, meaning you will never get lost again whilst out on the road.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

  • Map coverage of the United States, North America, and Canada
  • 678,392 miles of road that are updated for 2018
  • 109,852 new miles of roads added since the last map disc
  • 135,098 new and fresh points of interest files (POIs)
  • 713,530 updated and edited points of interest
  • 8,627 restaurants and places to eat
  • 5,588 gas stations and fuel stops

How the Honda Navigation DVD Can Save You Money

You probably want to buy this GPS update because you need the most up to date roads and directions possible.  Perhaps you are not sure whether this latest software disc is worth the money.  It’s not just about getting the latest Honda GPS map updates though – whilst that is the main benefit, it will also save you money in the long term.

Update Honda GPS Maps Now

If you drive like the average North American driver (16,000 miles per year) then using up to date GPS maps in your Honda can save you up to $500 a year in fuel costs – because you won’t end up getting lost and having to drive more miles than you have to.  Not only that, but you will also save up to 5 hours of driving time in each and even do your bit for the environment as this equates to a reduction of CO2 emissions for you personally – great reasons to update your Honda Navigation System.


Customer Reviews of the Honda Navigation DVD

Here’s just a selection of comments from customers who have already purchased the Honda Navigation Update for 2018. 

5 Stars“I drive weekly as part of my job, and the latest Honda Navigation updates have meant that my Civic’s GPS is completely up to date with road changes from the last 12 months.  In un-familiar cities I have found this map update disc invaluable.” – Jane Wright, (Boston, MA)

5 Stars“My Honda Accord Navigation System is now more reliable than ever thanks to the new HERE Honda Navigation DVD – if you drive a Honda with in-dashboard GPS then I would 100% recommend that you purchase the latest map updates” – Bob Saville (Wichita – KS)

4.5 Stars“I was initially undecided on whether to buy the new Honda GPS update this year, but the fact there are thousands of new road miles being changed since 2011 helped me to make my mind up” – Jon Konnig, (Albany, NY)

About GPS Bites: GPS Bites are an affiliate of the HERE Company and partner with them in order to give drivers the best information when it comes to updating their in-dashboard navigation devices.  By clicking the banners and links on this web page you can find the cheapest deals on HERE Navigation DVDs – we also are able to offer discounts and offers via coupons which you can apply against your purchase when buying your new GPS maps CD for your vehicle. You can also find other deals on the Honda Navigation Updates website.