Iris Cai Interview – President of Meitrack USA GPS Tracking

Meitrack USA is a GPS tracking company who manufacture personal and vehicle trackers as well as providing OEM and fleet management solutions, working across a range of industries.  In this week's GPS Bites' interview we took some time to speak to Iris Cai, the president of the Meitrack USA.  In the interview Iris talks … [Read more...]

Adena Schutzberg Interview – Directions Magazine & GIS Consultant

Adena Schutzberg is executive editor of Directions Magazine and has worked in the GIS industry for many years.  She is currently working as a GIS consultant and is Principal of the ABS Consulting Group.  They are a GIS consulting company that offers services to clients including GIS software, data, and imagery … [Read more...]

Mike Blumenthal – Google Local Search and Places Interview

Mike Blumenthal runs the hugely popular "Understanding Google Places and Local Search" blog which offers insight into how these Google mapping and location applications can help businesses.  In this week's interview we talk to Mike about his views on the recent Apple Maps launch and what the future might hold for GPS … [Read more...]

Interview with Shelby Johnson – State Geographic Information Officer for Arkansas

Shelby Johnson works as the State Geographic Information Officer of Arkansas and has nearly 20 years of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  The Arkansas Geographic Information Office is responsible for providing administrative and technical support to the Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Board … [Read more...]

Interview with Ryan Driscoll from GPS Insight – Fleet Tracking Company

GPS Insight are a GPS fleet tracking company based in the United States.  GPS Bites caught up with their marketing manager Ryan Driscoll so he could tell us more about the company, their solution, challenges in the GPS tracking industry, and his thoughts on what the future holds for the company in terms of product … [Read more...]

Interview with Ted Morgan – CEO and Founder of Skyhook Location Positioning Company

Skyhook are the worldwide leader in location positioning, with their technology being used by countless manufacturers in millions of devices globally.  This week we managed to secure an interview with Ted Morgan, the founder and CEO to get his thoughts on the future of indoor location positioning, their relationship … [Read more...]

Interview with George Karonis – Company CEO of LiveViewGPS

This week we had the chance to interview George Karonis, the CEO of LiveViewGPS.  LiveViewGPS provide GPS vehicle and fleet tracking solutions and products for business and personal use.  Read on to find out more about the company including their latest products including a mobile locate card. 1. Hello George, thank … [Read more...]

Gaia GPS: TOPO Maps App for the iPhone – Interview with Andrew Johnson

In this week's GPS Bites' interview we took some time out to talk to Andrew Johnson.  He's one of the founders of Gaia GPS, an application for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms that lets users access TOPO maps on their device.  The Gaia GPS application lets you download maps straight to your device, record and … [Read more...]

Interview with Michael Dobson of TeleMapics – The Challenges Facing Apple, TomTom, and Garmin

In this week's interview we managed to speak with Michael W. Dobson Ph.D who runs the TeleMapics organization.  TeleMapics provides independent advice on mapping, geospatial technology and solutions for applications that use geographic information.  He truly knows the GPS industry inside and out.  In this in-depth … [Read more...]

TrackingTheWorld Gilbert Walz Interview – GPS Trackers and Solutions Company Celebrates 10 Years in the Business

TrackingTheWorld is one of the leading companies when it comes to GPS tracking, trackers, and tracking software.  They recently celebrated ten years in the industry and many of our readers might be familiar with their EnduroPro product which was named by GPS Magazine as "one of the best, if not the best, option on the … [Read more...]