Jaguar Navigation Update 2018: New GPS Maps DVD Disc

New GPS maps are now available for the Jaguar brand. We have links to the lowest possible prices and best discount deals so click the banner below to check your year and model now for new Jaguar GPS map update discs and DVDs. Click the banner below now, and get the best deal so you have up to date directions and mapping software.

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Jaguar Navigation DVD 2018: Why Buy?

The Jaguar car brand is high-end, so why settle for less when you can have the very best in mapping directions for 2018? Just like any other part of your car, the in-dashboard GPS navigation system needs proper maintenance. You wouldn’t drive on tires that no longer worked properly, so why do the same with your GPS?

There are new roads being built all year around, cities are getting bigger, boundaries are changing, new places are appearing, and businesses are changing address. All of this information won’t be on your GPS or satellite navigation device unless you have the latest Jaguar navigation DVD update.

Update the sat-nav system

Driving should be a pleasurable experience, just like travelling in your Jaguar is. Out of date maps can mean delayed journeys, getting lost, and using more fuel as a consequence. With new maps available via the Jaguar navigation update disc you can ensure that you have accurate directions at all times. If you don’t know how to use your system then visit the official Jaguar website for manuals and instructions.

The company that develops the 2018 Jaguar navigation discs are called HERE (formerly Navteq). They recently commissioned a study that showed how drivers can save up to 20% on their fuel bills simply by having accurate GPS maps. That more than out-weighs the cost of buying the new Jaguar navigation system update – and of course, will also improve your carbon footprint, helping to protect the environment.

Jaguar Navigation Disc 2018: Models Available

If your car comes with in-built navigation on the dashboard display, then you are able to update the maps in it via DVD or a USB stick. You can buy new maps cheaply via this page and the links contained therein. The models available to update on are:

  • F-Type
  • S-Type
  • X-Type
  • XF
  • XJ
  • XK

Available models

If you can’t see your model, don’t worry. At the time this page was published those were the Jaguar models on the market. New models might have been manufactured since. Regardless, the link below will take you through to a model and year selector where you can choose the best map disc update for you.

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How to Update with a Jaguar Navigation DVD

Providing you have purchased official GPS map updates, your new disc should arrive in the post within a week. Once received, be careful not to discard your unique customer identification number when un-wrapping the Jaguar DVD navigation update disc as you will need this to activate the new maps.

To get the latest maps and directions onto your system, follow the instructions below:

  1. Eject your existing or old out of date maps disc.
  2. Insert your new 2018 Jaguar navigation DVD.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and type in your activation code.

Please note, do not switch your ignition off during the install process as the new maps might not install correctly.

How to Update GPS Maps in a Jaguar (USB Version)

If you are updating via USB, which some drivers might be depending on your year and model, then the following instructions will help you get the new Navigation Jaguar update installed.

  1. Insert your USB stick with new maps into the dashboard interface.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts on your touchscreen.
  3. Type in the customer map activation code you have.
  4. Wait for the install to complete.

As with the Jaguar navigation disc 2018, you should still never switch the car off during the install process from USB. If you do so then the software might corrupt so please be careful to follow the how-to instructions shown above.

Jaguar Navigation System Update Downloads

You will probably come across websites that say you can download a Jaguar navigation DVD. Please, please, please don’t do this. We have written up an entire new post about this, but in simple terms you might damage your GPS device.

It might also mean that you end up installing viruses on your computer if you do decide to download a Jaguar navigation system update – as typically download and torrent websites can have viruses and Trojan Horses attached to their hacked download torrent files.

Who Are GPS Bites?

GPS Bites are a small team of independent GPS and satellite navigation enthusiasts. Our website was built in order to help drivers get the best deals on GPS and satellite navigation map updates. We are an affiliate of the HERE company who develop the discs, and as such are paid a small commission when we refer customers through to them.

From time to time, HERE give us discounted rates on map updates, as well as coupon codes and promotion codes, of which, if available, you can find here.