Jaguar XF Navigation Update 2018: Plus X Type & XK Discs

Drivers of Jaguar X-Type cars can now update their GPS and satellite navigation systems using the latest 2018 DVD and disc. We have links to the best prices, by clicking the banner below. All models on Jaguar XF navigation update discs, all years, and all model variants.

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Jaguar XF Navigation DVD Update: Why Buy?

We only ever recommend buying official map updates, because that way you can make sure you are getting the right directions, safe software, and a product designed to be compatible with your car. Why spend so much money on a Jaguar and then take second best on new GPS or sat nav maps?

By clicking the banner above you can get low prices on official maps from HERE (formerly Navteq) on all X-Type models including 2018 Jaguar X Type navigation DVDs, and Jaguar XK navigation update DVDs. We only link through to official discs, and not downloads as some websites will do – which can damage your dashboard system.

To help you save money, we will also occasionally list promotion codes and coupons. You can find out more about that on this page, or alternatively keep reading on to find out why you should update for 2018.

Jaguar X Type Navigation DVD 2018: What’s New

The latest disc can be purchased no matter where in the World you are. Being an English language website though, we specialize in North America, Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom. Every year the new disc comes packed full of new features. For example, if you are a UK driver you will benefit from:

  • 31,931 km of road
  • 23,667 street names
  • 3,068 turn restrictions
  • 1,684 roundabouts
  • 1,158 one way streets
  • 64 sections of motorways
  • 5,831 road directional signs
  • 5,399 speed limits

By having the latest Jaguar X Type DVD navigation update you will be able to avoid any detours due to changing roads, and also get to your final destination as quickly and as safely as possible. There really is no better time to update, especially considering that the new 2018 disc is out now – more not the different specs can be found on Wikipedia.

Update your Jaguar XF Navigation System with a new DVD

Jaguar XK Navigation Update 2018

The XK navigation disc comes with everything that the other models do, the only difference being it’s compatibility with your particular model. To find out which map update you need and which disc will work in your Jaguar XK navigation system, update with the link below to check the latest discounts and prices.

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Why Use GPS Bites?

We are official retail partners of the map manufacturer, a company called HERE. Because of the relationship that we have with them, we are able to link drivers through to the very best deals on the following products and promotions:

  • Jaguar XF Navigation DVD
  • Jaguar X Type Navigation Update
  • Jaguar XK Navigation Update

Don’t settle for less, don’t attempt to download, and don’t look to purchase from other websites such as eBay as they could be counterfeit discs and end up harming your system – and we all know how much that could cost to fix with an official dealer – it simply isn’t worth the trouble and money it could end up costing you.