MapMyFitness and Facebook Work Together for Health and Fitness

One of the largest and fastest growing fitness communities in the social circle collaborates with Facebook through the launching of a fitness app. MapMyFitness, which is a large community of health and fitness buffs collaborates with Facebook to launch an app for the Facebook Timeline. The app would enable fitness buffs and enthusiasts (from novice to expert) to share their fitness journey by personalizing their Facebook Timeline.

The MapMyFitness Network

MapMyFitness is a U.S. based online fitness community founded in 2007. The corporation now operates a number of websites and mobile applications such as MapMyRIDE, MapMyWALK, MapMyHIKE, MapMyMOUNTAIN, MapMyRUN, and MapMyFITNESS and MapMyTRI. The community site enables users to record and store outdoor activity routes though an online database and even map out tracks or routes for the next day’s activity. The members of this online fitness community are able to gain access to the routes whenever and wherever they are. Aside from routes, the online community also enables users to search essential fitness contents, online training tools, use fitness calculators, and know global fitness events. The community also provides members the ability to share their fitness accomplishments and activities to people within their social circle.

Aside from the online community, MapMyFITNESS also offers apps for Smartphone users. The apps utilize built-in GPS to track and record the member’s fitness routes and activities.

What’s in the Timeline?

The collaboration of MapMyFitness and Facebook creates easier means to post fitness goals and accomplishments. Aside from that, the timeline would also cater to posts about workouts, nutrition logs and favorite tracks or routes. These features not only allow the users to share their accomplishments but it also promotes a sense of accountability and a means to measure one’s track on the fitness journey. The new fitness app includes features such as MapMyRUN, MapMyHIKE, MapmyWALK, MapMyTRI, and MapMyFITNESS.  Richard Jalichandra, CEO adds, the online community is always seeking for innovative ways that enables the almost six million members to express themselves and their fitness experiences.

MapMyFitness Facebook App

Installing the MapMyFitness App on Facebook

Fitness and the Social Circle

It is undeniable that Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are now considered as the information industry’s major players. These media outlets allowed more venues for information exchange, more choices and seemingly limitless possibilities.

The potential of Social Media outlets to change the interface of human life and inter-connectedness is now seen in its ability to motivate people into fitness endeavors. In fact, research studies had been done exploring the effects of social media outlets to a person’s motivation to lose weight and stay healthy. Numerous studies suggest that social media can indeed be used as venues to express experiences, emotions, and accomplishments. This type of self expression can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress, and can even push or motivate people towards achieving positive goals (such as weight loss). With more venues for people to be fit and healthy, winning the battle against obesity and being overweight can now be possible.

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