Meet The Team

At GPS Bites we are passionate about the industry, and the GPS Bites Team have all been carefully selected due to their knowledge of the market and the subjects that we cover on the website.  If you want to find out more about our team then please check out the profiles below.

Court's Photo
Court @ GPS Bites

Court has worked in the GPS industry for over ten years, starting out in sales with a major online retailer, and then moving into marketing with a GPS company based in the United States.  Interests included gadgets, technology advances, and knows the in-car market inside and out – follow on Twitter.

Photo of James
James @ GPS Bites

James is a sports fanatic and outdoor enthusiast who loves to write about the products that he uses. Currently James is training using a Garmin Forerunner and has also recently started Geoacaching – so expect to read more about his adventures including reviews of all the products.

Photo of Jemma
Jemma @ GPS Bites

Our newest member to the team, Jemma regularly contributed to the site before we decided to bring her on full-time. Outside of the GPS Bites website, Jem is a keen cyclist and horse rider. She helps to give a less technical perspective to articles and has a unique writing style that can be understood by beginners to advanced.

We are constantly on the look-out for new writers and contributors to the website.  If you think you have what it takes to be a guest post writer on GPS Bites, or even join our team, then please get in touch.  We are always interested to hear from people who can write about products, reviews, news, and opinion.