Mobile Apps Drive Business Efficiency

The market for apps improving business efficiency reached $3.21 billion last year and is expected to nearly double to $6.12 billion by 2014, according to research firm Compass Intelligence, LLC. As the development of applications used to increase business efficiency continues to grow at exponential rates for businesses and employees with smartphone access, managing fleet operations from anywhere is becoming as easy as the click of a button. 

The release of easy-to-use mobile applications further solidifies the power mobile devices can have on streamlining business efficiencies. As more businesses create and utilize innovative mobile apps, we will continue to see a paradigm shift from the old “vehicle-centric approach” to a more “vehicle and employee approach,” which puts the power in the hands of employees as they will now have access to enhanced functionality and capabilities. 

Improve Operations with Readily Accessible Information

Beyond fleet and asset tracking, mobile applications are created to address various business needs from invoicing and expenses to paystubs and timesheets. The market of creating mobile applications to increase efficiencies has exploded over the past few years. It makes sense when you think 86 percent of adults have cell phones and nearly 1 in 2 adults now use mobile internet. Businesses that fail to harness this opportunity face the risk of missing the mark.

Screenshots from iGasUp

Screenshots from iGasUp Fuel Price Application

As gas prices yo-yo out of control, apps like iGasUp show the best gas prices anywhere you are in the country. Pulling prices from over 100,000 gas stations nationwide, drivers can quickly see where to go for the best deal. Sigalert is an innovative app that provides up-to-date traffic maps, using road sensors for accurate readings. With a user-friendly interface, the app notifies users of accidents, construction zones and other relevant traffic data for most major cities.

An Investment Worth Making

The release of new apps to streamline processes illustrates ingenuity and shows growth and evolution within the market. Businesses of all sizes should adopt and leverage the innovative space of mobile applications, otherwise facing the risk of missing out in a big way. Industry leaders, such as NexTraq®, are now providing customers with instant access to manage their business operations from anywhere, right on their smartphones. 

Applications Lend Transparency to Asset and Fleet Tracking

NexTraq, a leading provider of GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solutions, recently released its new mobile app, NexTraq Connect for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™. This fully integrated application will allow team members to record clock in/out and break times, communicate job status, view job locations and directions, assign drivers to vehicles and track vehicle maintenance needs. The app provides information to employees in real time, allowing fleet management to become a more automated process. Additionally, the new app puts power in the hands of employees by allowing them to record mission critical information, helping driver dispatchers make more informed decisions when routing, planning for vehicle maintenance and providing key information such as job locations and directions.

Submitted by:  Chelsea Holmes: Chelsea is a Marketing Communications Specialist for NexTraq. She holds a BSBA in International Business from Auburn University, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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