Honda Navigation Update 2018 – What’s Included & Where to Buy

Last Update January 1st, 2018: Many new Honda vehicles now come with GPS as standard, which is a great bonus for drivers. However, the maps to tend to go out of date as they are stored on the actual GPS device in the dashboard.  When this happens, drivers need to purchase a new Honda Navigation Update. 2018 updates are nearly available and coming soon and can be purchased via GPS Bites so please check our Honda Navigation Update page.

The new Honda GPS Update for 2018 will include a major update to all the roads listed on the navigation disc as well as updated business addresses.  We’ve previously published data on how we believe the Honda Navigation update can save you money in the long run – it’s all down to fuel and mileage efficiency and can be seen on the Honda page referenced further up this blog post.

You can also check out a short video on the GPS Bites Youtube channel which we’ve embedded below.  Alternatively you can click this Honda GPS Update link to see it play on Youtube if you would prefer that.

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