How the NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking Platform Uses Google Maps

At GPS Bites we always try to keep track (no pun intended) on how companies are using new and innovative ways in which to use GPS applications.  This week saw the release of a new Google Maps case study which show cased the NexTraq company from Atlanta who are using the Google Maps API for business technology.

NexTraq are a GPS fleet tracking company who provide solutions to help their customers efficiently manage their fleets.  They do this by providing reporting, alerts, dispatching and routing tools and solutions.  However, they had realized that it was taking a long time to effectively train businesses how to use the NexTraq portfolio of GPS tracking solutions and so decided to see how they could integrate their tools with the easy to use and familiar functionality that comes with Google Maps.

Google Maps gives NexTraq customers the ability to easily view where their fleet vehicles are either by using the top-down maps view or the street level views available in Google Maps.  As an example, if an driver was unable to locate a service stop then a dispatcher back at the HQ is able to get 360-degree view of the location and then direct the driver and employee straight to the location based on visual prompts.

Of course, one of the most important aspects to using Google Maps for Business is that NexTraq customers can track their assets and vehicles online.  Because web users the world over are so accustomed to using Google Maps it seemed like this application should be the one to help serve their customers better as it requires little to no training costs.

In addition to that the NexTraq GPS tracking solution comes with some very clever functionality that allows the users to monitor whether the vehicle is idle or not, and also direct them to the cheapest place to purchase fuel and gas or even send them speeding alerts if their vehicles are going outside of set limits.  This functionality all helps towards saving costs which is just another example of how using a GPS can save you time and money whilst on the road.

NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions Using Google Maps

Mike Scarbrough, the CEO of NexTraq said that:

“Google Enterprise is the foremost leader for business productivity solutions and we are honored to be featured in its video case study.  We consistently provide innovative solutions to not only meet, but also exceed the needs of our customers. By integrating Google Maps with our fleet tracking platform, we are able to provide our customers with exceptional route optimization.”

Want to Know More?

If you would to know more about this solution from NexTraq and view the Google Enterprise blog post on this video case study then please view the links below:

Note: Please note that since this article was published we have also managed to secure an interview with Nicole Locklear of NexTraq who tells us a little bit more about the company and their GPS tracking applications.

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