North Korea Finally Stop Jamming GPS Signals in the South

The Korea Communications Commission today stated that they had stopped jamming GPS signals as of Sunday last week.  For reasons only known to them, North Korea began transmitting signals on April the 28th that had jammed the GPS of hundreds of South Korean ships and planes.  The jamming signals seemed to be originating from the North Korean city of Kaesong and had compromised the safety of thousands of people, as the South Koreans had to switch to alternative navigation methods – and as of yet there has been no explanation from the North why they did this.

Tensions between North and South have been raised recently with the North threatening a “Sacred War” against their southern neighbors and this incident is just one in a long-line that have increased over the last couple of years.

During the period effected, the GPS jamming had disrupted 670 flights – the majority of which were managed by South Korean airline carriers.

Expert opinion has suggested that perhaps the North Korean GPS jamming was a result of them testing out new electronic warfare devices – or even designed to block mobile phone signals of their own citizens within the country.  As of yet it is not known why the jamming was stopped, but the news has come as a relief to many people in the region who rely on GPS for navigation.

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