Safety First: How GPS Can Save a Life

In today’s ever-evolving modern World, technology is in every aspect of everybody’s life. No doubt if you check in your pocket you will have a mobile phone or some other mobile modern communication device. Have you ever thought of how this could help you when you need it most? There are now phone’s out there that pride themselves on having features such as an ICE, in case of emergency, button for those who maybe a little less tech-savvy but may need a helping hand when something goes wrong. This just begins to show the simultaneous link between technology and safety.

So how can a GPS save a life? Think about this, there was massive uproar recently in the UK regarding identification cards, and many people believed that these would be used to track your whereabouts. How many science-fiction adventures have you seen where people are tracked by chip? I refer you back to your phone, and think about how far away from that we actually are; the thought of this is slightly scary.

GPS Tracking Can Potentially Save Lives

Although it may seem a little ‘Big Brother’ ‘1984’, tracking people’s whereabouts could potentially save lives. Unless you are Bear Grylls, when you break down in your car it can be an absolute nightmare. As easy as it is to make a phone call to help you solve this it is worth taking into consideration the fact that you may run out of credit or even more frustratingly you will not have a signal. This is where GPS can come in very handy indeed. With a little creative thinking your standard route planner can become something much more.

Vehicle Trackers

Examples of GPS Vehicle Trackers

With the invention of the internet and the on-going revolutions in technology it means people are able to see where about you are by tracking you through your system. So before any long or unfamiliar journeys it is worth letting family or friends know how to find you online in case the worst does actually happen. This can extremely effective if you haven’t arrived at a location and parties become increasingly concerned about your location; by finding you haven’t moved they would obviously be able to see that something is wrong.

Keep Employees Safe By Tracking with GPS

In business, employee safety and well-being is paramount to the success of the company, by tracking where employees are it means that employers know that they are safe. Employees can often become concerned when tracking systems are involved as they see it as there company spying on them however most employees end up seeing the benefits to them too when it is explained, as they are recognised for the work they do actually do.

This also means that as a mobile workforce they have added protection as their whereabouts is known and means if there is any safety issues then they can be traced immediately. If they are visible and anything does go wrong then the company can inform authorities if needs be of their location. GPS systems have also been proven to reduce stress in a vehicle and improve driver behaviour meaning the safety of others is also increased meaning the roads are safer.


Overall, in regards to Safety with GPS; you hopefully will realise that tracking can be a very powerful tool to have at your advantage as an individual or as an employee. As a business owner this is extremely useful when you consider your duty of care as an employer.

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