Sygic – GPS Navigation App for Android Review

With almost all Android devices featuring free navigations apps, it’s getting really difficult for third-party premium apps to make their way into Android devices. Google Maps is one free navigation app offered by the Big ‘G’ which captivates users with some amazing features. However, as Google Maps aren’t available everywhere, the door remains open for the third-party premium apps to grab the user’s attention with features that can overpower the Google Maps. But the real question here is will consumers choose to pay for something that they have got accustomed to cost-free?

Sygic: GPS navigation is a third-party premium navigation app for Android devices that’s packed with loads of innovative features. Let’s review some of the highlighting aspects of the navigation app.

Sygic GPS Navigation - How it Looks

Sygic GPS Navigation – How it Looks

Sygic offers a 7-day free trial version to Android users. Users can download the 6 MB capacious app from the site and install the maps. As installing all the available maps is going to occupy bulk of the space on your Android device, it’s good to choose only the most essential maps from the listed ones.

After downloading the maps on our Samsun Galaxy S II, we were delighted to see stunning maps with beautiful 3D buildings. Without distracting readability, the POI featured on our screen. If you don’t want the POI, you can disable it from the Settings option.

When you choose a location, Sygic starts voicing out the directions and displays the map of the surrounding areas by highlighting it in blue font. We decided to test the capabilities of the TTS (Thanks to Simona for the tip). By selecting the location from the Settings, we got to hear the tips in English. It’s also available in different native languages for countries including Germany, Netherlands, and Italy.

Travel-Friendly App

We tested the direction-guiding capability of the app in various highways and lanes. Each time, we were notified beforehand on which route to take, thus we were able to reach our destination without much difficulty. ‘Demonstrate Route’ is Sygic’s unique feature that gives an overview of the place even before you reach there. The app also generates instant alerts when you exceed the speed limit or when speed cams are sighted nearby. All in all, this is a great app for travelers.

Sygic Screenshot - GPS Navigation for Android Devices

Sygic Screenshot – GPS Navigation for Android Devices

Social Media Friendly

You can either use Sygic’s default social network or the common social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to make friends and share your messages, updates, photos etc. Sygic also allows you to access your email and phone contacts and get your friends’ stored addresses.

A couple of handy additions to the feature are:

  • Travel Book – Gives you a crisp overview of your trip histories
  • Weather tool – Gives regular weather updates

We also encountered some annoyances with the user interface.  As the app runs full-screen, you won’t be able to access the Notification bar or check the battery status of your phone.

The Verdict

Overall, Sygic: GPS Navigation is a great app for Android users. Though Google’s free app is comprised of some great features, there are some serious location-specific limitations with the app. If your country is not named in Google’s free navigation app list, or if you are a Google map user who doesn’t mind coughing up a few extra bucks to get more features, then Sygic GPS navigation is a great choice.

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