The All New RAC Puncture Repair Kit and Air Compressor Product

One of our partners and friends is currently working with the RAC in promoting a new puncture repair kit product.  When they told about their new promotional video we were more than happy to get it up onto GPS Bites.  

The RAC Puncture Repair Kit is a new kit that’s more than just puncture repairs… it’s a whole tyre maintenance kit in effect and includes an air compressor plus a tyre sealant that won’t decay or go out of date.  Pretty essential stuff for any repair kit.  Here’s that video they have just produced which puts the product into a fantastic light.  Take a look below.


For more information on the product you can visit the RAC’s store and buy it online.  Do that on their shop – alternatively there should be an official website coming soon which has more detail on the product.  We will give you a shout when that goes live so you can see it in more detail.  Meanwhile here’s a direct link to the RAC Puncture Repair Kit video on YouTube.

New Website Launched

In addition to the video, they also now have a website that has launched for the product.  You can see that by visiting the link: