The Benefits of Successful Fleet Management Usage

Fleet management technology has evolved in many exciting ways over the past few decades. With the advent of GPS and cellular technology, it’s possible for businesses and organizations of all sizes to keep track of their mobile assets. The following guide explores the many benefits and possibilities of successful fleet management.

Early fleet management only provided limited tracking capabilities for businesses. For example, many early delivery and fleet services relied on radio communication with a dispatcher to manage the location of different vehicles. However, this has several disadvantages.

With old-fashioned fleet management technology, a company had to hire a dedicated dispatcher to manage the location of different mobile assets. In addition, there were limited ways a company could determine if a vehicle was where a driver said it was. In many cases, there was no way to determine the true location of a vehicle. If a driver decided to take a detour, a company had no way of knowing.

GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS & Modern Fleet Tracking

Modern fleet tracking technology can be a great way to keep track of mobile assets. By combining a specialized GPS receiver with cellular technology, it’s possible to quickly and easily determine the location of a vehicle from anywhere.

This has many potential uses for businesses that rely on deliveries or shipments. For example, criminal diversion of products is a huge problem for many businesses. In diversion, criminals will bribe employees to take a certain set of detours during a trip. These detours will usually involve a stop a warehouse where goods can be illegally unloaded. With a GPS tracking system, it’s possible to see the location of a vehicle at all times. This can be a great way to reduce the risk of diversion-related theft.

Safer Driving Using GPS Technology

In addition, a GPS system can be a great way to make sure that employees are driving in a safe way. Since a GPS system can accurately track a vehicle down to within a meter, it’s often possible to determine the speed at which a vehicle is driving. Based on this information, it’s possible to make sure that drivers are obeying all the rules of the road. Since poor employee driving can be a significant liability to a business, it’s important to look for ways to reduce the risk of dangerous drivers on the road.

GPS Fleet Management Tracking Solutions

It’s also possible to use fleet tracking technology to improve vehicle routing in the future. While a traditional GPS navigation application can be a powerful tool, it often has limitations. Since a GPS navigation system is automated, it can’t accurately alert users to how different driving conditions can impact the total drive time of a trip. In addition, GPS systems can’t provide intelligent routing conditions in some areas

With fleet tracking, it’s possible to combine both the power of GPS navigation systems and a professional dispatcher. In addition to keeping a tighter lockdown on the location of different vehicles, it’s possible to improve routing in the future.

Vehicle tracking systems can be a powerful tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

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