Tips For Driving More Fuel Efficiently in 2013

With the cost of fuel continuing to rise, it’s getting ever more expensive to fill up at the petrol pumps. However, there are many ways in which motorists can fight back and cut down the expense. Simple techniques can improve your fuel efficiency, making your petrol or diesel last around ten per cent longer.

Routine Maintenance

There are many reasons why it pays to have your car serviced regularly and an engine tune up will result in a more fuel-efficient vehicle. If you’re a mid to high-mileage driver, it is certainly possible to recoup the initial outlay of that service over the course of the calendar year simply because you can visit the pumps less frequently.

Keeping all your fluids, such as coolant and oil topped up is important too and make sure you check your vehicle handbook to ensure that you are using the correct standard of engine oil at all times. Your tyres are another important element in regard to fuel economy and you should check at least once a week to make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure. Not only does this result in safer driving, it makes the vehicle more fuel efficient.

Before you set off

Extra weight in the car causes the engine to work harder and burn more fuel in the process. Before you set off dispense with everything except essential luggage in order to ensure a more economical drive. A roof rack is a useful accessory, but remember to remove it when it is not needed. Roof racks lead to wind resistance, which causes the engine to work harder.

On the way

Getting lost is annoying and it can also add a significant number of miles to your journey. That alone will result in extra fuel costs, but your style of driving can become more costly as you get more frustrated. The temptation to drive more quickly to compensate can affect your fuel consumption, so remember to stay calm.

Planning your route and printing out maps is a good idea, but investing in satellite navigation technology can also save you money over a period of time.

Driving Style

While you’re at the wheel, the key to fuel-efficient driving is to drive smoothly and accelerate gently. Remember to read the road ahead as far as you can in order to avoid unnecessary braking. Try to keep the car moving in queues if you possibly can because rolling along will conserve more petrol than stopping and starting the vehicle once again.

As a general rule, remember to stick to the speed limits, as they not only ensure safety, they will, in turn, lead to smoother driving and better performance.

General rules

Try to walk or ride a bike if you have a short drive ahead of you. These types of journey are the most expensive, so leave the car at home if and when you can. Also, try to think about when you drive and, if you can leave a little later to avoid rush hour traffic, do so.

Driving can be costly, but if you stick to these routines and techniques, you will be surprised at just how much fuel you can save on a regular basis.

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