Ways to Pump Up Your Businesses’ Transportation

If you’re a company that employs truck drivers or transporters, you may work closely with a fleet management company to meet your transportation needs. You can take your business to the next level, but incorporating some new pieces of technology to your fleet. These new devices help customers get their goods quicker and help avoid problems from occurring during delivery. Check out the equipment below that can help your company greatly.

Fleet Tracking

Talk to your fleet company about installing GPS equipment to your trucks or other vehicles. GPS devices allow you to know where all your drivers and vehicles are. This technology allows you to alert customers when drivers are close to making deliveries. Many customer service agents deal with countless calls of customers tracking their deliveries. The GPS tracking can give agents real time updates on where drivers are and how soon customers will be receiving their deliveries. Further, a GPS allows companies to help drivers that may be lost get back on track so that delivery schedules aren’t jeopardized.

Fleet Management

Maintenance Tracker App

There are many apps available for companies to keep track of maintenance and service on company vehicles. When companies stay on top of regular maintenance on their company cars and trucks, future problems are prevented. Many management companies take care of maintenance and repairs on vehicles, but some apps even track mileage and gas usage. These pieces of information help companies track and maintain accurate records.

Traffic Avoidance App

If it’s important for you to deliver goods to your customers on time, then giving your drivers access to a traffic avoidance app is crucial. These apps allow drivers to map out their deliveries in real time and offer alternate routes in the case of traffic or accidents. The routes the apps offer are accurate and often times, save your drivers time. When customers get their deliveries on time, they are more likely to be satisfied with your company’s services.

When selecting a fleet management company, be sure to ask what kinds of services and supports they offer. Incorporating some of the above technologies into your fleet is a great way to keep your customers satisfied. These technologies can also save your company time and money, which will ultimately impact your company’s bottom line. These are great ways to keep your customers calling and profits rolling into your company.

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