Acura Navigation DVD 2022 & System Update

Acura Navigation DVD & System Update

Last Update March 1st, 2022: The new 2022 Acura Navigation System update is out now and contains the freshest GPS map updates for your in-dashboard Acura GPS device.  There are a number of different versions available for the Acura Navi and you can check to see which the best Acura Navigation Disc is by using the banners and links on this page.  This will take you to the HERE website which contains the cheapest and best price deals on the latest DVD.  The most common version of the Acura Navigation DVD is the 2022 White DVD Map update.

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Acura Navigation DVD 2022 – What’s Included

If you decide to purchase the latest map updates from HERE for your Acura in-dashboard GPS system then you will benefit from wide map coverage including the United States, Canada, and North America.  Last year there were around 20,000 new miles of road either added to the road network, or had aspects to them changed – none of which will be present on your existing Acura GPS – which is why you should update with the new Acura DVD map update 2022 – which has recently been released.  You will get access to millions of updated business addresses and points of interest files (POIs) meaning you can make the most of your driving in 2022 and beyond.

Why Update Acura GPS Maps?

Every year there are new roads and directions being added to the road networks in the United States and North America.  In fact, research suggests that there can be as many as 20,000 miles worth of changes, new roads, re-prioritizations, and updates occurring each and every year.  This presents a problem for drivers who have a GPS device, because a GPS physically stores the mapping software and data to the system.  Because of this, there is only one way in which a driver can be sure that their Acura GPS is completely up to date with the latest Acura map update – and that’s to purchase and install new Acura Navigation System updates.

In addition to the fact you are getting coverage of all road, highway, address, and street changes, it will also potentially save you money in the long run if your Acura GPS has the most up to date maps on it.  This might sounds like a wild suggestion; however, there is some scientific fact behind it.  Drivers who use fresh GPS maps are less likely to get lost or take a long turning.  This has the knock-on effect of adding more miles onto their road trips each year.  So by having the new Acura Navigation DVD you will ultimately spend less time behind the wheel, save on fuel costs, and subsequently even help to reduce your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.  Below is a table which shows you the savings to be made should you install new Acura GPS map updates from disc (numbers based on the average American driver and 2012 fuel costs).

Fuel Savings with the Acura Navigation DVD
Fuel Savings with the Acura Navigation DVD

Which Acura Models are Compatible?

If your Acura has a GPS device built-in to the dashboard, then you can update with a new Acura Navigation DVD today.  Cars and vehicles which accept the new Acura Navigation update disc are as follows:

  • Acura CL Navigation Update
  • Acura MDX Navigation Update
  • Acura RDX Navigation Update
  • Acura RL Navigation Update
  • Acura TL Navigation Update
  • Acura TSX Navigation Update
  • Acura ZDX Navigation Update

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The new Acura DVD covers the years from 2001 through to 2022.  It doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is.  If it has GPS and it needs new maps then the new navigation disc and DVD map updates will work for you.  Guaranteed.  The different discs available are:

  • 2022 Black DVD Map Update v2.90
  • 2022 White DVD Map Update v4.B1
  • 2022White DVD Map Update v4.B1 MapCare
Update your Acura Navigation System
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How Does the Acura Navigation Update Work?

It’s really simple; you buy a new cheap Acura Navigation Disc from HERE and they will send it out in the post to you as quickly as possible.  Once it arrives you just eject the old version and insert the new disc.  The dashboard navigation system will recognize that you are trying to load new map software and will take you through each step of the way on the device display.  It’s very easy to do, with the only real work from you being the need to enter in your unique customer authentication code from HERE and click to accept the new map install.  The whole process takes minutes, and you will be driving again in no time at all knowing that you have the most up to date Acura Navigation System updates possible all loaded from the disc.  You can see an example of the RDX Navigation System in action below in this video – the other models including MDX and TL all work in a very similar fashion.

Why Choose Acura HERE Maps?

HERE are the World’s leading supplier of digital maps to the GPS (including Garmin) and automotive industry, and have the sole partnership with Honda and Acura to supply mapping software to their in-dashboard built-in navigation systems.  It is not possible to install other map software to the Acura system, you must use HERE map DVDs – any other attempts will not work.  The maps are reliable, accurate, and are updated each and every year on a new Acura DVD Navigation update disc and you can find the cheapest best prices by clicking the links on this page.

What is HERE Acura MapCare?

When you buy Acura Navigation updates you will notice that you are given the option to choose a MapCare version of the navigation DVD and disc.  But what is this?  It costs a little bit more than the standard Acura navigation system update, but make the process of keeping your car’s GPS map updates more current and lets you save money.  It lets you purchase either 2 or 3 years worth of Acura GPS map updates in advance, meaning you save money (up to 33%) when compared to simply buying a new DVD once a year.   

Acura Navigation DVD Download

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to download the Acura Navigation Update DVD.  You can only install direct from an official HERE disc.  If you do find a website that offers torrent, hacked, or download versions of the Acura map update disc then do not attempt to install it.  By doing so you could potentially damage your in-dashboard GPS system and also invalidate any guarantee or warranties that you have with the manufacturer.  In addition to that, hacked versions of the Acura Navigation DVD will not load properly as every customer has a unique identification and serial number that can only be used once.  Always buy official map updates.

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