Can the Honda Navigation DVD Be Copied?

can you copy the honda navigation dvd

Many people looking to update the GPS maps and directions in their Honda will naturally be curious about whether or not it’s possible to copy the DVD, so you don’t have to pay for it.

Before we get into whether or not the Honda Navigation DVD can be copied, I wanted to give some words of warning.

  • It is illegal to pirate software, and the Here and Navteq updates are no different
  • If you download copied versions of the DVD from the Internet, you could be at risk of viruses being installed to your PC
  • If you install a copied DVD and it damages your navigation system, your warranty could be invalidated

From a personal perspective, I see no harm in copying the Honda Navigation DVD if it’s for your own purposes, for example as a back-up copy in case you lose the original. But, if you are copying it in order to post it or upload it to the web for other people to use, that’s something I completely disagree with.

Can the Honda Navigation DVD be Copied?

Yes, of course it can. Just like any other DVD, or data disc, yes it can be copied.

But will it work in your navigation system?

No, it probably won’t, and in fact you could do more harm than actual good to your GPS unit.

If you try to install a copied navigation DVD, you are still going to need a unique reference and serial number in order to get it running.

Honda are one of the best engineering companies in the world and believe me when I say that they have locked this stuff down really well.

When you buy a new Honda GPS update disc, unless you have a purchase code that you got with the packaging, you won’t be able run the updates. By using a copied DVD you won’t have that unique code and reference meaning it’s going to be a massive waste of time, and possibly money if you decide to pay someone for a copied disc.

So, in short, don’t even bother doing it.

It’s not worth your time.

By the time you have downloaded files from the web, tried to burn them to a disk, then attempted unsuccessfully to install them into your navigation system, you might as well have paid for official updates.

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