GMC Navigation Disc Update 2022: GPS Map Update DVD Discount Price

GMC Navigation Disc Update

Looking to get new maps for 2022 into your vehicle or truck? By clicking the link below you can get the best price on a GMC GPS update disc. The new version currently available has all the latest road changes and updates that have occurred over the last 12 months.

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GMC Navigation Update 2022: Why Buy?

You wouldn’t buy a new computer, and never bother to upgrade the software on it, so why treat your vehicle any differently? GMC trucks are expensive, and come with high-grade navigation systems, but the GPS will only ever work as well as the maps that are installed on it.

By updating your GPS map software today you will benefit from the following features and additions that have been added since the last update was released over a year ago.

“Last year alone, 569,847 miles of road were updated in the U.S.—and that’s only the beginning. Here are a few other notable changes to the navigation system map:”

  • 13,195 gas stations added
  • 22,392 restaurants added
  • 10,591 auto service shops added
  • 3,948,564 street names and addresses added
  • 3,503,237 street names and addresses updated
  • 47,973 speed limit indications added

It’s not just about the valuable data though. There is plenty of research that points towards the financial and ecological benefits of performing a GMC map update. For example, did you know that updated maps mean you can keep on schedule and re-route through any traffic delays?

This means you won’t be stuck in traffic, will get to your destination on time, and as a result will reduce on your fuel costs. It’s all about efficient and cost-effective driving, and that’s what you will get when you update a GMC navigation system with 2022 maps.

And of course, by driving less miles and more efficiently it has the added benefit of reducing your emissions and therefore your carbon footprint. You probably didn’t even think of that additional benefit – so save time, money, and help the environment today with the new GMC navigation system update – you can do that on the link below:

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GMC Map Update 2022: Which Models Covered?

At the time of going to press with this new blog post, the following models were available for an upgrade. Please note that new models might have been released since this list, including new year variations, so just because you don’t see you model, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t upgrade the maps.

To find out if there is a map update for you then please click the links and banners on this page and then select the right option for you.

How to Update GMC Navigation System

Your truck or vehicle could be brand new, or it could be that you purchased a second hand model. If buying from new your dealer with give you the option to buy additional feature, including GPS maps installed from new: also known as a GMC GPS update.

If your vehicle has the on-board navigation feature, then it means you can truly experience a superb driving experience with in-built navigation and maps. It comes with turn by turn directions as well as plenty of points of interest, and all the addresses you would ever need.

How to update a GMC navi system with new GPS maps

Now, because new roads quite often appear, close, or change, General Motors offer an annual GMC navigation disc – and the 2022 DVD is already available to purchase online using the links and banners on this page.

The following instructions show you how you can update your GMC navigation system. Update discs are currently on promotion so get clicking to see how cheap, or what best price discount you can get yours for before following the below instructions.

Update GMC Navigation System: How to Instructions

Step 1: Click the banner or link on this page. This will give you a discount rate on the price of a GMC navigation DVD. Once on the HERE website you will need to select your year and model. Once you do that, the latest version of the 2022 GMC navigation update will be shown.

Step 2: Click the add to cart or shopping basket button. You will then be prompted to filling in your personal address including billing details. Click to checkout and the new GMC Map update 2022 disc and DVD will be sent in the post to your shipping address.

Step 3: Once you have received your GMC navigation update DVD, turn on your ignition. Your radio will power on at which point you will need to full-screen the display by pressing the navi screen up and down button which should be shown clearly.

Step 4: If you already have a disc, such as the old GMC navigation disc 2013, or GMC navigation disc 2014, eject that, and then place the new map update CD into your disc tray. A confirmation screen will now pop-up on the display and you will be prompted to type in your authentication code. Do that and then press the enter button.

Step 5: Keep the engine running as the new software will now start to install. The updates will all load in automatically, and once it’s complete you are ready to drive off again. You can eject the GMC navigation DVD 2022 at this point if you wish to.

And that’s all there is to it!

Downloading of Discs

You might be tempted to try to download, copy, or burn a navigation discs for GMC. We have our own views on that, and have written a separate blog post giving you the pros and cons of doing so – ultimately though it is illegal so please tread carefully. 

Saving Money on a GMC Navigation DVD 2022

At GPS Bites we partner with the official map supplier to GMC, a company called HERE (formerly Navteq). From time to time they will supply us with discount deals, promotion codes, and mode. Keep your eyes peeled on our website for when those offers will appear.


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