Mercedes Benz Navigation Update 2022: Get the New Map DVD

Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD

The new Mercedes navigation DVD for 2022 is out now and ready to purchase online.  If you want to update the maps, routes, and directions on your Mercedes navigation system, then this is the only way you can do it.

Below you can find a link (click the banner below) that offers the lowest possible online prices. It won’t be free, but it will show you how to get the best price on a Mercedes Benz navigation system update.

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On the banner link above you can get access to the new GPS map updates on an official disc from the HERE company who produce the CDs. This will be the only place where you can get official map updates that won’t corrupt your navigation system. HERE used to be known as Navteq – they are the same company.

Mercedes Benz navigation DVD – Why buy updates?

Navigation systems and GPS devices are only as good as the maps that are installed. I have no doubt that you’ve been in a situation before where you’ve been driving, only to come across a new road or intersection that isn’t available on your GPS.

It’s because the maps are loaded as software into the system, and with the frequent changes happening on our nation’s roads, your maps will need upgrading from year to year.

By buying and installing a Mercedes navigation update, you get a new disc for 2022 which has all the latest map updates.  The new 2022 DVD comes with any chances that have happened over the last 12 months including roads, sub-divisions, highways, or business addresses.

The new data loaded onto the Mercedes Benz navigation update includes:

  • 5 million more miles of roads and highways.
  • 676,483 new street and road names added or updated.
  • 307,684 new speed limits and restrictions updated.
  • Millions of addresses updated including points of interest files.

That’s an insane amount of change since the last update, and just goes to show how comprehensive the coverage is with an official HERE navigation update for the Mercedes range of vehicles.

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Is the Mercedes navigation update worth it?

You need to ask yourself how valuable your time and money is.

Let me give you an example; have you got lost recently or had to re-route you journey due to an out of date GPS route recently?

If you have, and you rely on your vehicle for business then an update is critical.

Nothing can be more painful than getting lost or delayed due to not being able to rely on your in-dashboard technology.

The more miles you drive, the more fuel you use, and the more money you burn through. It could have led to missed business meeting, delayed vacations, or just sheer frustration.

In worst cases, it could even be dangerous.

7 reasons to buy a new Mercedes navigation DVD

These are my top 7 reasons for why you should upgrade your Mercedes Benz navigation system with a new DVD disc of GPS map updates:

  1. New maps let you drive more efficiently with less money spent on fuel.
  2. New maps let you get to where you need to be on time with less delay.
  3. New maps let you find addresses that have changed and been built.
  4. New maps let you find millions of points of interest along your route.
  5. New maps let you avoid traffic congestion and take a cleverer route.
  6. New maps help you reduce your carbon footprint due to reduced fuel usage.
  7. New maps mean you won’t get lost and end up in places you don’t want to be.

The 2022 Mercedes Benz navigation DVD gives you total coverage of the entire United States, North America, and Canada.

It will genuinely save you money and time, which is the bottom line.

In fact, official research from HERE (formerly Navteq) showed that an American driver on average can save up to $500 dollars in fuel costs every 12 months just by using up to date maps and directions.

What does that mean in reality?

Well, the main thing I can think is that the Mercedes Benz navigation update will pay for itself 5 times over in the space of 12 months. That’s a no-brainer.

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How to update the Mercedes navigation system

Below is my easy to understand guide on how to update maps on a Mercedes navigation system. Before you can start, you will need to purchase the latest DVD, SD card, or USB install software.

Mercedes Navigation System in the Dashboard

Once you have received the latest disc, the install and update process is actually relatively straight forward. It will come with instructions in the box, but here’s a refresher if you have lost the manual.

  1. Start the ignition on your car or vehicle.
  2. The Mercedes GPS should initiate, if it does not then power it on.
  3. Eject your existing Mercedes Benz Navigation DVD and insert your new Mercedes navigation update 2022 disc.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and let the map updates install.
  5. You will need to enter your unique customer identification number off the packaging.

Whilst the navigation updates are installing do not turn off the in-dash navigation system because this can lead to a corrupted installation and you might need to seek assistance from your official car dealer.

If you cannot locate your unique registration number, you won’t be able to verify and install the map upgrade disc. However, when you buy online, you will get sent an email with your unique code in so keep that somewhere safe.

Mercedes-Benz navigation DVD download – is it free?

You might be tempted to try and download a Mercedes navigation system update for free.

Don’t do this!

It is not advisable for a number of reasons; the primary one being it is extremely unlikely that it will work.

By downloading hacked Mercedes map updates and installing them from CD you are breaking the law.

Plus, you won’t have your own serial number either, so the install will be impossible.

But here’s where it gets worse.

If you try and download a hacked version via torrent or pirate websites then there are a number of issues that you might face.

Firstly, download websites are known to carry viruses and could infect your PC when you download the DVD or CD disc.

It has been known for fans of this vehicle brand to deliberately infect the files that are uploaded to these illegal websites with viruses.

There are also reports of extra code being added to the download file, and the only way you can get this fixed is to then pay an expensive and not cheap visit to your local dealer.

You could corrupt your in-dashboard navigation system and need to pay for a repair job.  With that in mind you should always take the official route and pay for an official Mercedes navigation DVD which you can buy online using our adverts and links.

Not only could you invalidate your Mercedes warranty, but you could also wreck your computer.

The only way that you can do a Mercedes-Benz navigation update that will actually work is by purchasing an official HERE DVD navigation CD for Mercedes-Benz using the links on this page.

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Which Mercedes models can you upgrade?

Whichever model and year of Mercedes you own, you will be able to find a new GPS map upgrade disc.

Below is a list of all models that you can get new updates for, including the compatible years.

If you can’t see your year or model here then do not worry – because if you click on the link below it will take you to a selection chooser that lets you choose your car, year, and model and then tells  you which navigation CD you need to install into the in-dash GPS console.

  • B-Class
  • C-Class
  • CL
  • CLA
  • CLK
  • CLS
  • E-Class
  • G-Class
  • GL
  • GLA
  • GLC
  • GLC Coupe
  • GLE
  • GLE Coupe
  • GLK
  • GLS
  • M-Class
  • Maybach
  • Mercedes AMG GT
  • R-Class
  • S-Class
  • SL
  • SLK
  • SLC

Updates are available from every year since navigation was built into the dashboard on the models above including; 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Mercedes-Benz navigation update problems

From time to time, some Mercedes owners will have problems when trying to install the new GPS disc.  There are two different scenarios of why this can happen, so please read on how you might be able to resolve any problems.

Problem 1: Disc not recognized: service disc required

If you buy a new Mercedes Benz navigation DVD and get the error “Disc Not Recognized” or “DVD Not Recognized” appearing on the display console when you try to install, then you will need to install a service disc into the system first.

This typically occurs if you have not updated the maps for a number of years, as each navigation system update disc comes with a software update in addition to the new maps.

If you skip a few years out, then the navigation system will sometimes fail to recognize later discs – which is another reason why you should update your GPS maps every year.

In order to fix the situation, you will need to speak to your local dealer.

They will be able to update your navigation system with the Mercedes service disc.  This will apply all the missing pieces to your GPS device.

Once these updates have been applied you can then re-install your new Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD and the map updates will then install.

If you update your GPS maps annually then this should never be an issue or problem for you. To avoid any problems, make sure you keep your system as up to date as possible with the latest discs when they come out.

Problem 2: COMAND firmware update: service disc required

The second issue you might encounter is when you need a COMAND firmware update. This helps to increase the cell phone strength whilst simultaneously using the navigation system.

This is again resolved by installing a new service disc via your Mercedes-Benz dealer.  It will update the COMAND head unit, not the GPS navigation but will mean you then install the latest GPS map updates once you have done this.

New service discs can be purchased relatively cheap from an official dealer, with prices typically around the $25 mark – although many customers have told us that their dealer was kind enough to do the service disc update for free so it’s worth asking them first before you get your wallet out.

How to update your Mercedes navigation system for free

And lastly, I wanted to end on one of the most popular questions people ask about map updates; can you update your Mercedes navigation system for free?

The short answer is no.

I’ve already spoken in depth about the pitfalls and risks you will encounter if you do decide to try and download a free copy of the disc.

It won’t work, could damage your computer, and might invalidate your car’s warranty.

I always advise buying official map updates every year.

But that comes with a cost, and isn’t free is it?

Well, let me put another spin on this.

Earlier in this guide I explained how research shows you can save up to $500 dollars in fuel every year, just by virtue of having the latest directions and routes in your GPS.

If the new DVD costs $100 (which is a typical price), it’s not even going to take you 3 months before it completely pays for itself – any time after that it will work out as being free!


By using the links on this page, you can get an upgrade to your GPS with an official Mercedes Benz navigation update for 2022.

If you have spent thousands of dollars on a vehicle, and opted for the GPS package included, why would you then not pay a small amount to have it working correctly?

It just makes no sense.

Buy a map upgrade now. It will save you fuel. It will save you money. And it will save you time.

Jerry Adkins

Thanks for visiting GPS Bites. I started the website in 2012 to give advice on all matters regarding GPS and navigation. Prior to this I was the marketing manager for a global GPS device company.

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