Volkswagen Navigation Update DVD: Low Price 2022 Map Update

Volkswagen Navigation Update DVD

It’s that time of year again when you should be updating your maps, and at GPS Bites we have deals and discounts occasionally available on all Volkswagen models so if you want to get the best price on a VW map update DVD then please click the link below to see how much you save.

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VW Map Update: How to Get Started

To update VW navigation you will need to purchase a VW navigation DVD. From time to time we will have offers and deals listed on this page for the cheapest prices. In order to explore those deals you will need to click the banners and links on this page.

The process of updating with a VW navigation CD for 2022 is relatively simple and quick, but will depend on what time of system you have. To find out how you will need to click the links on this page. That will take you to a new page where you can then select your own model and year and either buy a cheap SD card, CD, disc, or DVD depending on which type of GPS system you have in your vehicle.

VW Navgation Update 2022: How it Works

The in-built systems in Volkswagen cars operate by receiving signals from the worldwide Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) network. Those signals are sent to your GPS which can then route you on your journey to addresses, destinations, and other points of interest.

However, despite common perception, it’s not the actual maps that are beamed down to your GPS. The maps themselves are actually stored on your device itself. The signals simply route your position.

That’s why a GPS can become outdated because you will need those routes on the system. When changes in street names, construction zones, traffic flow, points of interest, or other road system changes then you will need to re-install them.

Every year the maps software is updated and a new Volkswagen navigation update DVD is released. You will need to buy this in order to keep the latest mapping information available on your in-car or in-vehicle system.

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VW Navigation DVD 2022: Models Available

The following models are all available to perform a VW map update with the HERE company on the links and banners available on this page. If you don’t see your Volkswagen model listed below it doesn’t mean it won’t be featured, it’s only because we last updated this page in January of 2022 so newer models might not be listed below.

If you drive a Passat then we have an individual page detailing the VW navigation DVD for that model so please click the link to Passat in the bullets below.

  • Beetle
  • CC
  • Eos
  • eGolf
  • Golf
  • GTI
  • Jetta
  • Passat
  • Phaeton
  • R32
  • Routan
  • Tiguan
  • Touareg

We also have more details on some of the more popular models below where you will be looking to find the relevant Volkswagen navigation CD in 2022. See those detailed below in their own separate sections.

VW Golf Navigation Update

The Golf is one of the most popular and iconic cars in the world, and for those who drive the more higher-specification models and years you will have the in-built GPS which is operated via a CD in the disc-tray.

These models offer door to door navigation with full zip code capability, speed cameras, and route guidance. It’s very important that you keep the maps current though with a Volkswagen navigation system update. You can do that with GPS Bites.

VW Touareg Navigation Update

If you drive a Touareg then you might have the RNS 850, or if an older Touareg it could be an older version. All versions of the GPS system can be updated with a new Volkswagen navigation system update. Whether you wish to drive on the road, or even off-road, then this GPS device will be brilliant – but as long as you have the latest Touareg map updates on it. To get those please click the link in this article for the cheapest prices.

It comes with pre-installed map data for the United States, Canada, North America, and the whole of Europe. That means that you can always be confident of finding your way, no matter how far from home you are! But of course, that confidence will only truly come with the latest Volkswagen navigation update installed.

Tiguan Navigation Update

Tiguan drivers can also benefit from a VW navigation update DVD in 2022. By updating your GPS navigation system maps you will have the continued benefit of the full-color display featuring 2 or 3 dimensional map views.

All map updates also come with the 3D buildings and a detailed display of any POI (points of interest) locations that are on your journey – which you can also navigate to with the click of a few buttons.

To be 100% sure you have the latest Tiguan Volkswagen navigation map update then please visit our official partner HERE to get the latest directions today.

How to Update a VW Navigation System

If you want to know how to update, then the first thing you need to do is figure out which system you are running in your car. Thankfully the HERE company make this very simple as you can see from the screenshot below. When you click through to their website to the lowest priced VW GPS update you will be presented with this option shown here:

The models available

Simply select your vehicle, year, and model and from that point onwards you will be led through an easy online process to get the new Volskwagen update navigation system update.

Why Choose GPS Bites?

GPS Bites is one of the world’s leading websites for all things relating to navigation. Every day we update our website with coupons, promotions, and deals on GPS navigation systems and associated products.

We have an affiliate relationship with HERE, the official supplier of VW GPS update discs and are able to link our visitors through to the latest offers and discounts. So if you are looking for the cheapest, or best prices on a Volkswagen GPS map update then this is the website you need to visit.

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Make sure to bookmark this page to your favorites as new maps are released every year, typically during September and October time. By coming back each year you can be certain of always having the latest software available.

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