Coupon Chili Lists Garmin Discount Codes and Navteq Coupon Codes in 2014

In this week’s blog post we wanted to tell you about a new website that’s recently come to our attention.  The website is called Coupon Chili and has been set up by some friends of ours.  It’s a very easy to use website and is dedicated to coupon and voucher codes.  If you don’t know how this works then the premise is very simple; if you shop online then you will see that many websites now let you enter in a promotional code at the checkout to save money – well, Coupon Chili is one of the best websites on the Internet where you can find these codes.

What we also love about the Coupon Chili website is that they will start specializing in promotional codes for GPS map updates.  We already list many of them on GPS Bites in our own voucher code4s section, but Coupon Chili will be a lot more comprehensive than we could ever be.

Navteq and Garmin Discounts

There are a number of sections on their website which should interest visitors to GPS Bites.  For example, you can browse through all the latest Garmin discount codes that they have or even check out whether Navteq are running any promotional codes so you can update your in-built dashboard GPS maps.  Below are just a couple of links that you might be interested in.


Coupon Chili Video

If you want to know more about Coupon Chili then check out this video below which goes into some more detail.

All Promo Codes Are Tested

What we like about Coupon Chili is the fact that they individually test and try out all of the coupons on their website meaning as an end consumer you don’t need to worry and waste any time in checking out various codes.  Please make sure when you visit them that you sign-up for their social media networks and take the time to explore the website as it truly is a valuable resource – not just for GPS map update coupon codes but also for vouchers relating to all sorts of industry sectors.

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