GPS News Round-Up for October and November

In what we hope to become a regular series of blog posts, we will be compiling some of the biggest and most interesting GPS-related news items into one article each month.  This month, seeing as we are not quite finished in the month of November we are putting together some of the most important news items from the last couple of weeks.

TomTom Launch New European Marketing Campaign

If you’ve been listening to commercial radio recently then you might have heard the latest TomTom marketing campaign which is called “Quicker Journeys When You Need Them”.  According to GPS Business News, TomTom’s aim is to change how people think about the way in which they use their GPS or Sat Nav device.  The marketing campaign uses humourous situations where the driver needs to get to their destination as quick as possible due to an awkward moment.  You can see hear example radio ad on the YouTube video below.


Two New Galileo Satellites in Testing Phase

Autumn has been a busy time for the team at the European Space Agency in Holland as they have been getting two new additions to the Galileo satellite network ready.  There are already four satellites orbiting the Earth, and these two new units will be joined in the future by a further twenty.

Garmin Release Third Quarter Results

Meanwhile, TomTom’s main competitors, Garmin, have reported solid third quarter results with total revenue in the 3rd quarter of $644 Million US Dollars.  The press release made reference to their recent product launches of the Virb Action Camera, as well as new updates to the popular Edge and Forerunner GPS watch series.   

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