New TomTom Summer Map Updates for the Big Sporting Events in 2012

This week TomTom released their latest map update to include the most recent road changes, updates to the POI points of interest files and more.  The new maps are being given a Summer Sports feel (because as you probably know there are a lot of major sporting events happening this year in Europe) – with the new POI files being related to many of the large summer sporting venues and cities.

New TomTom Maps for the Summer

There are particular updates of note to the Poland and Ukraine POIs as there will be some very large soccer events happing there in June and July.  If you update your TomTom maps for the summer then you will benefit from all the stadiums and temporary sporting venues in these countries now being accessible via your PND navigation device.

This TomTom summer map update contains 1.5 million kilometers of new roads as well as some maps being extended in the Mexico, Malaysia, and Indonesian regions.  Customers who want TomTom maps for South Africa will also appreciate the fact that the South Africa maps now come with even more unpaved roads in the more rural parts of the country which were not included in previous TomTom map versions.

TomTom release new GPS map updates four times a year and you can get each release every three months by signing up to the TomTom Map Update Service – currently this costs under $10 dollars a quarter – but of course you can buy map update as a singular purchase – for example in the case of the TomTom Summer Map Update.

Update Your TomTom Maps for Summer 2012

If you are an existing TomTom customer you can update your maps for 2012 using the Map Update Service – for more information and to update your TomTom maps today please visit their official map update website on this link.

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