Saturn Navigation System Update 2018 – Get The Latest DVD & Disc

At GPS Bites you can get great deals on GM Saturn navigation updates. Whether you drive an Outlook, Relay or Vue model, we can offer the best lowest prices on new GPS maps for you dashboard navigation system. Click the banner that you see below. That will take you through the process of updating your maps software with all the new directions available for the year 2018.

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GM Saturn Navigation Update Disc – How it Works

The factory-installed GPS that you have in your Saturn Outlook, Relay, or Vue doesn’t actually store the maps data. That is all contained on a disc or DVD stored in the disc-tray. Unfortunately with roads ever-changing, when using your Saturn navigation system you might experience periods when your directions go wrong – that’s because the software is out of date.

Thankfully this is easy to fix with a Saturn GPS update, but you will need to purchase the 2018 Saturn navigation DVD in order to get the updates. The new discs are produced by a company called HERE, and we have links and offers to the best prices on the GPS update DVD system updates.

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Why Update Your Saturn GPS Maps?

The reasons that we recommend that you perform a Saturn navigation system update is because the data on your existing DVD is going to be old, in particular if you have bought a second hand Saturn vehicle. Thankfully new GPS map discs are released annually so the process to update is relatively simple, as long as you are prepared to purchase the new software.

Saturn Outlook Navi Updates

Once you have done that and received the latest disc you can be certain that you have the most up to date directions and mapping data available. For example, year on year everything will be re-mapped and updated. Below is some of the data you can expect from a brand new Saturn navigation disc containing new GPS map updates.

  • Map coverage of the United States, North America, and Canada
  • 678,392 miles of road that are updated for 2018
  • 109,852 new miles of roads added since the last map disc
  • 135,098 new and fresh points of interest files (POIs)
  • 713,530 updated and edited points of interest
  • 8,627 restaurants and places to eat
  • 5,588 gas stations and fuel stops

Saturn Navigation DVD 2018 – Which Models Available?

The models that you can update Saturn GPS maps with the latest navigation DVD include the following; please note that this list is up to date as at October 2016. If you don’t see your model listed that doesn’t mean it’s not stocked, simply click the link and banners on this page to get the new maps and to check for yourself.

  • Outlook
  • Relay
  • Vue

Other Reasons to Get the 2018 Saturn GPS Update

Of course, the primary reason that you will be looking to purchase a new DVD will be because you might have become lost at some point whilst driving. But did you know that there are also financial and ecological reasons for updating?

Recent research has shown that drivers who use a GPS can save money on fuel. Why? Because the efficient routing capability that a GPS offers mean you can drive less miles, and therefore won’t be spending as much money on gas and petrol.

And for the ecologically minded driver that has an extra benefit – you don’t emit as much carbon dioxide and therefore are better for the environment.

So with that in mind there really is no better time to update your Saturn’s GPS maps with the new navigation system updates DVD and disc. To get started simply click on the link below and see how much money you could save today by updating your maps.

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Save time and money by always driving the best possible routes. New navigation updates for Saturn vehicles including the Outlook, Relay, and Vue are released each year with new streets, roadway changes, and business addresses including gas stations and other points of interest (POI) locations.