VW Passat Navigation Update: Get the 2018 DVD or CD Disc Now

Your Volkswagen Passat in-built navigation system is only ever going to be a good and as valuable as the last time you updated the GPS maps on it. If you are driving around with out of date maps then there’s every chance you might end up lost or taking far longer on your journey than you ever anticipated. That’s why we have details here on the latest VW Passat navigation update DVD for 2018. To get started click the link below:

Click for VW Passat Navigation System Updates DVD

Volkswagen Passat Navigation System Update Disc – GPS Maps

Do you know the last time that you updated your maps? If it was more than 12 months ago, then the GPS system will be out-dated, and as such you will need the latest VW Passat navigation DVD which has recently been released for 2018. The banner above will take you through to the lowest price and best deal discounts on the latest disc.

The reason we recommend that you perform a VW Passat navigation update is because every year here are literally thousands of new miles of road either being built or changing. If the software in your Passat GPS isn’t current then you stand every chance of getting lost, driving more miles, using more fuel, and possibly not even getting from A to B.

<< Click to update your Volkswagen Passat GPS maps now >>

It’s not just about the roads though. With millions of points of interest (POI) files as business or location addresses also installed, you will also benefit from those. Order new maps today with the 2018 Volkswagen Passat navigation system update and you be sure of driving more economically and getting to your destination on time.

How to Install the VW Passat Navigation DVD

The GPS navigation system inside a Passat vehicle is a very complex beast, but updating the maps with a new disc, CD, or DVD isn’t actually that hard. What you will need to do is visit the map manufacturer on the link at the near top of this page, and then select your year and model of Passat. Once you have done that and purchase the latest Passat GPS map updates you will receive your disc in the post.

The steps for installing as are as follows:

  1. Insert the DVD disc into your Passet’s CD player.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts and let the DVD software update the system.
  3. Remove the DVD kit when it is complete, you have successfully upgraded your navigation system.
  4. Turn the vehicle to the “Off” position.

If you follow these easy processes listed above then you will benefit from an up-to-date navigation system that will have all the latest street name changes and new road additions. If you are thinking about download a map update for the Passat then please click here to find out why we don’t recommend it. For more information on the VW Passat visit Wikipedia.