Chrysler Navigation Update: Cheap GPS Update Disc for 2022

Chrysler Navigation Update: Cheap GPS Update Disc

It’s that time of year again when the new Chrysler navigation DVD 2022 is available. We have links to the best prices, deals, and discounts on the new disc and by clicking the large button and links on this page you can be certain that you are getting the cheapest Chrysler navigation map update that is available.

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At GPS Bites we are committed to bringing you the very best deals that are available on navigation update discs and install software. We are proud to be in partnership with the HERE company (was Navteq) in order to offer the best cheapest prices and are confident that you won’t find a better deal on any Chrysler GPS update discs anywhere else online.

Chrysler Map Update DVD: What’s New for 2022

The 2022 Chrysler navigation disc comes with thousands of new miles and features. When you get yours delivered in the post you can take advantage of every road change, highway update, addition, and edit (as well as any previous bugs).

It also comes with millions of POI references – also known as points of interest – to really enhance your driving journeys. Here are some topline features:

  • Map coverage of the United States, North America, and Canada
  • 678,392 miles of road that are updated for 2022
  • 109,852 new miles of roads added since the last map disc
  • 135,098 new and fresh points of interest files (POIs)
  • 713,530 updated and edited points of interest
  • 8,627 restaurants and places to eat
  • 5,588 gas stations and fuel stops

How to Install a Chrysler Map Update?

Installing the latest maps from disc or DVD is really very simple. The HERE company who manufacture the GPS updates make the process as easy as possible, and with Chrysler models there are 4 steps you will need to take below this image.

Chrysler Navigation DVD Updates

  • Step 1: Find the relevant Chrysler GPS update for your year and model from the website once you have clicked the link at the top of this page.
  • Step 2: Order your new 2022 maps if you are happy with the details of the product and what you are going to get.
  • Step 3: Once you have received your Chrysler navigation system update disc then eject the old one and insert the new.
  • Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts, making sure to not turn off the navigation system whilst new map software is being loaded.
  • Step 5: Drive in confidence knowing you have the very latest maps and directions available on your GPS.

Chrysler Navigation Disc 2022 – Why Update Your Maps?

OK so let’s be honest, the only reason you are looking to update your map software is probably because you got lost at some point, and want all the new miles of road that are available since the previous year.

But, did you know that by having up to date directions on your GPS, you can also save money and fuel, as well as doing your bit for the environment?

Some recent studies have shown that by keeping up regular maintenance on your vehicle, you can extend its life, which means you may not need to buy a new model as regularly. Driving less miles is one way to keep your vehicle in a better condition, as you won’t experience as much wear and tear.

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Chrysler GPS Update: Save Money & The Environment

With many navigation systems having efficient routing options as standard, you will by nature drive less mileage when using an up to date GPS – especially one which has the latest maps installed. You can drive less miles, avoid traffic delays, and as a result save money.

Not just that though. Less miles means less fuel, which has the knock-on effect of you emitting less CO2 into the environment. So with all this in mind, what better time to upgrade with a new Chrysler navigation disk?

Chrysler Navigation System Update: Which Models?

The all-new Chrysler navigation DVD 2022 will work on all models that have got the in-built navi system which can be updated via disc or DVD. Below you can see a list of the models that you will be able to update with the Chrysler navigation CD.

  • 200
  • 200 Convertible
  • 300
  • Aspen
  • PT Cruiser
  • Pacifica
  • Sebring
  • Town & Country

Please note that we don’t always update the model list above, but by clicking through our links on this page you can see an updated list of vehicle models that you can purchase new navi DVDs and disks for.

Chrysler Navigation Update for 300 Models

The majority of drivers who use the GPS Bites website will be 300 owners. We have put together some details on how to update the navigation system in a Chrysler 300 should you need additional instructions outside of what come packaged with the maps DVD. For very simple instructions please read the points further up the page.

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