Range Rover Evoque Navigation Update: 2022 Upgrade

Range Rover Evoque Navigation Update

If you own an Evoque and it’s more than 12 months old, or you have not updated the maps in the last year, then now is the perfect time to do so. The new Range Rover Evoque navigation upgrade is now available with 2022 GPS maps fully loaded and updated. To get started and to check the lowest prices click the link below.

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Range Rover Evoque Navigation Upgrade: Why Buy?

By having the new GPS maps you can drive with a lot more confidence than ever before. The maps and software have all been updated to reflect road and address changes that have occurred in the preceding 12 months.

Not only that, but any previous bugs in the navigation software have also been ironed out, meaning you can use the the system with more confidence too.

There are thousands of new points of interest files added showing you amazing places to visit along your route, as well as letting you choose ether the quickest or shortest journey possible. In fact, if you view the video below you can see exactly what type of features you can expect with the new disc of Evoque GPS map updates.

How to Update the Evoque Navigation System

It’s actually very easy. Just wait for the new Range Evoque navigation system update to arrive in the post, then insert it in the disc tray and follow the on-screen commands. In no time at all you should have the software upgrade installed.

If you still haven’t upgraded, then we advise that you do so. Range Rover Evoque navigation updates for 2022 are relatively inexpensive, just check the link below to see how much you can buy a disc for:

<< Click to check the lowest priced Evoque Navi Discs >>

You will need to do this annually as with DVD nav systems they can become out of date as soon as new roads are developed. The new HERE discs cover the entire world and all regions, and once you click through to their website you will be able to select your year and model to get started.

The 8-inch Touch-screen lets you easily select and navigate to points of interest such as restaurants, petrol stations and shopping centres.

The navigation system incorporates a hard disc drive that’s faster and more comprehensive than most CD or DVD-based systems. This video shows how to activate the voice guidance feature.

To find out more about these updates, including details on why we don’t recommend downloads then please explore the GPS Bites website.

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