Range Rover Navigation DVD Update Discs for 2022: Get New Maps

Range Rover Navigation DVD Update

Need new maps in your vehicle? We have some fantastic deals today on the latest Range Rover navigation system update disc which you can access below by clicking the banner. The new disc comes with new directions, roads, business address changes, and also a 2022 software update.

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Range Rover Navigation DVD

The latest 2022DVD will assist your driving by giving you the quickest and most economical routes possible on your journey. You can save money and fuel and each year the HERE (formally Navteq) company release new maps with database changes, software updates, and the latest road changes throughout the world including North America, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Europe. It also comes with the latest POI files, also known as points of interest.

How to Update Range Rover Navigation System

Updating your GPS navigation system is actually remarkably easy, so long as you have a new disc for 2022. Once you new Range Rover navigation CD has arrived in the post you will need to unwrap the packaging, making sure not to discard your unique customer identification install code.

An example of the system in use

Now, a lot of models are different, and locating the disc tray could be tricky depending on which year your Range Rover was built. In some models the disc tray will be found in the boot, but in newer models will simply be located in the dashboard.

Essentially though, installed the new 2022 Range Rover map update disc is pretty much a plug-and-play procedure where you will need to follow the on-screen prompts that you see. The most important aspect to understand though, is that you should not turn off your engine whilst updating as this could create a bad install of the software DVD.

We hope that this how to update guide has helped you. You might also find the following video tutorial with instructions very useful from a specialist based in Australia. The instructions below should work on all models and years, no matter where you are based for example in North America, United States, Canada, or Europe.

Range Rover Navigation Update 2022: Models Available

Most models nowadays come with the in-built navigation system, meaning you don’t need to use a standalone device such as a Garmin. The current models available and within which you can use a Range Rover navigation upgrade DVD disc on are:

The newer Evoque models have one of the better systems installed which surpasses the 2003 Range Rover navigation upgrade. But if you don’t have an in-car Internet connection it does mean that you won’t benefit the HD Traffic service, lack of Google search, and no capability of being able to use the Send to Car function.

The range of vehicles

However, what you will get is a very good satellite navigation system that support post codes and zip codes – which are updated each year with the new Range Rover navigation DVD install. It’s very easy and simple to use, and comes with very obvious on-screen buttons which most people should get the hang of within a few minutes of use.

With older models (click here for a superb pictorial history of this brand) such as the 2004 Range Rover navigation upgrade and 2006 Range Rover navigation upgrade, the new disc of map updates will mean you get even more functionality than you previously had. Please be aware though, some websites are offering downloads. Here is our view on those.

More addresses, more points of interest, more road changes, and adjusted speed limits – meaning you can drive safely and securely on all journeys requiring GPS map directions.

The maps on the new Range Rover navigation update are very clear, with no added detail that confuses the user experience. You can even switch to something called split-screen mode so you can see the map from a bird’s eye view, as well as navigating through any tricky junctions.

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Range Rover GPS Update: What’s Included

Don’t just take our word for it though, if you are still un-decided on whether or not to purchase the latest Range Rover GPS update DVD or disc, then here are some highlights of what is included direct from the manufacturer that we have re-written for the GPS Bites website.

Just like any other part of your vehicle, for example tires, or windscreen wipers, the GPS maps need to be regularly updated with new directions. It’s not just the software that needs an upgrade, but also the actual maps which are loaded onto the system.

Without updating, the GPS performance could degrade over time, especially if you are driving on new or changed roads.

Every year there are new roads being built. Cities and towns will change, businesses will move or appear, and some areas might even become pedestrianized. All of these changes and more are available on the new Range Rover navigation update 2022.

By making sure your device is always current as it can possibly be, with a Range Rover navigation DVD and new GPS map upgrades you can make your journeys as seamless as possible. You will avoid the hassle of getting lost, or getting stuck in a loop in an unfamiliar place.

For the most accurate directions you have to update with official maps, and you can do that using the links and banners present on this page.

Benefits to Updating Your Maps in 2022

Here are just some bullet points that we feel really add value and that wow factor when trying to decide whether it is worth the money in purchasing new map discs for Range Rovers:

  • Avoid delays and don’t waste time when navigating to new destinations
  • Save up to 20% in fuel and petrol costs in a year due to not getting lost
  • Prevent your navi system from becoming obsolete

Range Rover Navigation DVD: Economic Factors

One of those points is very important. As you know, your vehicle has a very high fuel consumption rate. HERE, the people who develop and sell the Range Rover navi update recently did a study to see how using GPS can save on fuel.

What they found was that drivers who use up to date GPS maps are inclined to drive less miles. Primarily because they don’t waste time getting lost. The by-product of this is the benefit of using less fuel as well as creating less wear and tear to the vehicle.

And of course, if you use less fuel then you will also be a better driver to the environment with less carbon emissions – so even more reason to update your Range Rover navigation in 2022.

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