The New 2018 Acura TL Navigation DVD Update – Live Video Promotion

The New 2018 Acura TL Navigation DVD Update

At GPS Bites we are always looking for great new fun ways in order to market GPS map updates, and this week launched what we hope will be the first in a new series of live stream videos where we extoll the virtues of a particular navigation update.

Later this afternoon the video below will be live streamed on YouTube giving drivers of the Acura TL series information on how they can get a new 2018 navigation system update for their in-built GPS (the video might have finished streaming by the time you visit this page).

If you want a cheap Acura TL navigation update DVD then you can click the link below, or alternatively just watch the video below the purchase link to see what’s included with the new 2018 GPS maps.

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Acura TL Navigation Update 2018 – Live Video Stream

Reasons to Buy the New Acura TL GPS Maps

United States, Canada, and North American road networks are in a constant state of flux. You probably see road changes being made every day that you drive, and that alone is reason to buy a new map update. New and modified roads, points of interest, address listings, and signage are among the many data points that vary year to year.

By updating the maps on your Acura TL navigation system with cheap GPS map updates you make sure that you are updated with any changes. The new software update for 2018 comes with fresh data that optimizes your navigation system’s routing capabilities. Additional benefits may include improved arrival time estimates and more efficient routing options that can help reduce fuel costs. Find out more about Acura navigation updates.

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